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A Long And Happy Road

January 1, 2021

No, this is not about The Yellow Brick Road! Well, maybe it is after all… Read on!

Like Dorothy I was a bit lost 40 years ago. I was in the midst of a stint as a successful songwriter and a successful single parent. Although most said I had everything, what I did not have was a wife. I had been single for many years after a disastrous first marriage and everyone around me thought I should get married. I agreed but I was in absolutely no rush, saying “When it’s right, it’s right but just because I’m a single parent doesn’t mean that I HAVE to get married.”

I was both set and content in my ways. In addition, I had seen more than one or two young ladies shy away from me because of my parental responsibilities. A single dad sounds sexy these days but it was no picnic four decades ago. The beginning of one road became the end of another.

Through the haze of time, I remember being at a party with some friends. I was not much of a party goer and the crowd seemed the same as I had seen throughout the 1970s: Over-indulgent and boring for the most part. As I was ready to leave, I noticed a young lady in black crushed velvet pants and recognized her as working in the same sky scraper that I did at the time. Obviously something bit me at that moment but I took my leave nonetheless. I needed some time to filter my initial attraction.

A week or so later, I found myself riding the elevator with this same woman. As I started to get out at my floor, I turned and awkwardly asked, “So, would you like to go out sometime? The young woman answered abruptly, “No!” as the elevator door slammed shut. Well back in the day, I had a pretty good sized ego so I muttered, “Bitch!” and went on my way.

Another week and a half passed and for some strange reason I left a note on the windshield of her car with my phone number on it. I guess I’ve always been a die-hard at heart. After a day, the phone rang and I stepped on that road for real. We went on one date and have been together ever since. After a year living together we were married on January 1, 1982. So today we have been married 39 years and have been together 40 years. That’s a long time and a whole lot of road together.

January 1, 1982

Of course there’s much more to the story and to the length of that happy road. Let’s start with the marriage. I am Roman Catholic and my wife is Jewish. We wound-up being married in a reformed temple that had just been constructed. An hour before the ceremony, the Rabbi called to inform us that the temple has not been carpeted yet and suggested we move the whole affair to his garden. I told the dear man that guests were already on their way and we would have to go ahead as planned. Then I looked in the mirror and decided my mustache was too light. I quickly brushed in some of my brides henna only to discover I now looked like Mario of video game fame. We were really in a rush so I put on some straight Clorox bleach to dull the color. Yikes! Of course, I had burnt my upper lip to a crisp. As we used to say in high school, “Smooth move Ex Lax!”

The ceremony went wonderfully fine without any problems with two minor exceptions: When it came time to break the wine glass, I was worried that a mere goy might not do it properly so I slammed my foot down so hard that the resulting retort was probably heard all over the city. The other glitch was not so minor. When it came time for my wife to say “I do.” there was an long awkward silence. In the time that it took my bride to respond, I had a flash of thoughts about her second thoughts. Actually, she was just a little nervous (Whew!)

In 39 years, we have travelled the world, lived in California, Oregon, Italy and North Carolina, all the while making every day like the first day of our great adventure together. There has been a newness each day that has never tarnished. We have grown together, tackled obstacles hand in hand and found a reason to be happy each step of the way. The road has indeed been long and happy.

25th Anniversary 2007

Rachel is my dearest treasure, my partner in everything and simply the most beautiful woman that I have known. That’s a lot to be thankful for in travelling any road! So today, I would like to tell her in the presence of my readership world, “Thank you for showing me that road! I love you! Happy Anniversary!

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  1. A beautiful tribute to Rachael, Allen. Congratulations on your 39th.

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  2. Happy 39th to you and Rachel.

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  3. A beautiful love story; happy anniversary and many more!


  4. Reblogged this on Janet's Thread 2 and commented:
    Keep on traveling.

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  5. And a Happy New Year to you both.

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  6. Great story, as real life sometimes is. Happy Anniversary and Happy New Year!

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  7. Wishing you and Rachel a happy anniversary, Allen, and many more to come!

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  8. Siete bellissimi una gioia per tutta la fiducia che infondete al mondo.
    Vive l’ amour❣❣❣

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  9. Happy Anniversary and Happy New Year!

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