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Personal Favor

January 1, 2021

Let me start by saying I don’t like whiners. I have never been one and I am not going to start now in a sincere hour of need. That being said, I felt it proper and needed to inform my readers that I have been diagnosed with colon cancer and must undergo a traumatic surgery (hemicolectomy) on January 6. I am confident that things will work themselves out in the end. However, in the interim I worry immensely about my wife of 40 years and the financial burdens that are sure to come.

I am not going to ask for a Go Fund Me campaign or whine, “Why me?” I am certainly not going to beg for any type of charity. I know all too well that we all have our daily confrontations – All of us. What I am asking is, if inclined, that all of you please consider buying two or more of my many books to help us minutely defray the costs that are looming large. It is an honest ask from an honest person.

If, in return, I can repay you with some joy, entertainment and a little wisdom, I would be pleased beyond measure. You can find my books here:

A big thank you to all of my wonderful followers and friends.



PS – I hope to be back soon! My posts have been pre-written into the future so there will be no absence of continuity. Happy New Year to you all! 🍷🍷

  1. Good luck Allen. Wishing all of the best.

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  2. olive blankenship permalink

    I’m so sorry to hear about your diagnosis Allen. I will be saying prayers for you. I’m sure you will come through this with flying colors. 🙏

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  3. Tough news, Alan. Fingers crossed.

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  4. That diagnosis is a big blow. Prayers are in order for a successful outcome. Rooting for you in the days ahead.

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  5. I’m trusting everything will go well and you’ll soon be on the road to a speedy recovery.

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  6. My first thought was, “Holy crap!” Then considering the kind of operation, I realized that was in poor taste. While pretty broke for the moment, I will endeavor to purchase your books, etc. In the mean time, may I pray for your recovered health?

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  7. All I can offer (regarding your physical condition) is my best thoughts for you and yours, and hope for skilled physicians and a speedy recovery.

    I have taken a look at your author page at Amazon and several of your books caught my eye. They are now on my list, with a promise to you that I WILL purchase.

    All my best.

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  8. My thoughts are with you going into the surgery Allen. Hoping for the best.

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  9. Good luck Allen. I am a cancer survivor myself, 10 years now. Thoughts and prayers are with you.

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  10. Good luck! Being new here on this platform I rarely comment on anyone’s articles but of course this time is different. I randomly found you on here by chance or maybe by some other higher reason. I know you’ll get through this of course and reading about your determination has helped me in a way also as for I’m leaving for the military on January 5th. You’re determination has made me view my scenario differently and in a very opening way so with that I’ll say thank you. So much. I look forward to reading your articles and books after basic!

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    • Thank you for your kind words Tyler. And remember that so very many of us support all of our service members.


  11. Best wishes for your procedure and a speedy recovery.

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  12. Allen caro, la notizia della tua malattia mi addolora. Cerca di aver fiducia nella chirurgia: te lo dice una persona che ha già subito due interventi al colon. Un abbraccio

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  13. Mutlu yıllar

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  14. Comprerò con piacere Un libro dei tuoi ma soprattutto sappi che leggendolo penserò fortemente alla tua salute perché si risolva al meglio.
    All the best and take care Allen ❣

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  15. I’ll be thinking of you, Allen, and wish you improved health during the upcoming year!

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  16. Good luck with the treatment and wish you a speedy recovery afterward!

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  17. I wish you a rapid and painless recovery. I’ll keep you in my heart.


  18. So sorry to hear about that, wish you the best with the surgery and a quick recovery Allen, sending you positive vibes and prayers and hope you’re in hands of a good doctor. Take care!

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  19. Please take care.

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