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Etowah, NC and Tret, Italy

Bio: Writer with over 55 years professional experience including non-fiction, music, and corporate analytical writing. Author of seven books available through Additional expertise as a photographer. Specialties: Historical non-fiction, fiction, nostalgia, public profiles, biographies, contracts, and documentary writing in English, Italian, and German. Recent articles have appeared in The Numismatist, NOS Magazine, and on the internet. Music composition and lyrics have been a specialty since 1974. Songwriting credits include over 135 songs (1974-present): Easy Listening, Country, Rock, and R&B. Currently completing two novels and writing music and lyrics for recording artists in the United States and Europe. Cogito, ergo scribo.... For more on my bio, please see my LinkedIn account here:

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  1. Allen, we were in contact many years ago. Glad to hear you are able to live in Trentino.


  2. John Duresky permalink

    Just wrote to you about another book, but just noticed you also reviewed Gorillas In The Mist. You might be interested to know that I was living in Japan when the movie came out. My Japanese was getting better at that time, but it was far from perfect, but like all foreign languages, you might be great in one area, and weak in another. I went to a video store (still had them back then) and wanted to get it. Couldn’t find it on the shelves, and the best I could do was tell the Japanese clerk that I wanted a movie named “something like Monkeys In The Rain.” Got an odd look, and of course no luck finding the movie. Good thing I wasn’t trying to rent African Queen. No telling what I might have requested. John Duresky


  3. Altamente eclettico.
    shera 🌲🌲🌲🌷🌿


  4. Quite an impressive bio. And command of languages. 🙂
    Where do you live (most?) en Italie? In the US?
    Cheers and happy holidays.

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