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I Remember When

February 19, 2020

I still remember when…


Being a semi-geezer, I often notice the juxtapositions in my life perhaps a little more than my younger friends. In true geezer form, I hear myself more and more starting sentences with, “I remember when….”

Well, actually I do remember when a lot of things were around that have disappeared over the years or are completely different now from what I remember. Therefore, I put before you what I choose to call the dirty dozen of what I remember when:

1. I remember when milk was delivered to your door and was ordered by inserting a rotary tab device into an empty bottle to indicate what you wanted on the next delivery. It was simple and effective and no app was required.

2. I remember when gas was 19 cents a gallon. When it got up to 25 cents, I was sure I was going to go broke…

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    Thank you,

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  2. Ernest Garcia permalink

    I remember when?
    That question brings so many things to mind that I just like to mention one.
    In 1957 my brother and I arrived to New York. The next day, our mother took us outside to play. We had never seen; these white falling ice particles
    She had to explain to us what, why and how these flake were falling. That she called it snow!

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