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The American Civil Revolutionary War

May 3, 2019

There has been a lot of talk as of late about another Civil War in America. This Civil War 2.0 has been threatened against the right by the left ever since the election of President Donald Trump. Unlike the first Civil War, it’s not about the economy this time around; it’s about plain ideology. The economy hasn’t been this good in many decades. The right has joined the drum beating and the resulting tension on the streets of America is palpable. We are no longer a nation united, but a house divided and ready to fall.

The big question is: What would be gained by a true civil war in America today? To be sure, we are already in a Civil War of words. Each side has claimed its talking points and insults are hurled back and forth on an hourly basis. On the streets, friendships have been ended and the hurt has been heaped upon the warring factions by one another. Look at your own life; It surely has been affected in the past two years. But what would be gained if words weren’t enough and fighting broke out on a wide scale? In a word: Nothing! The right would take the field from the first moment. With snowflakes in retreat, they would declare victory but there would be no spoils, no gains and certainly only a hollow ideological victory. There would be no submission or acceptance by the left. This is not 1865 and there would be no reconstruction and reunification to follow. There would be only more divisiveness and the eventual destruction of our republic by moral attrition and ideological division.

Many on both sides of the political divide realize these facts and now speak openly of a second Revolutionary War, although both sides have different stated goals. By definition, such a war would be an open rebellion against our current government. The left simply wants to end the Trump presidency by any means and institute their own brand of socialism, where most things would be free and their utopia cleansed of all guns and people with differing opinions. There is also a segment in their midst that would like to see our country run as a caliphate with Sharia Law ruling the land and Christians and Jews expelled. That’s a bit far-fetched but in the realm of the progressive agenda.

The right, on the other hand, would like to tear down the current government in its entirely and restore our constitutional republic to the people, sans the current contingent of swamp dwelling politicians in state, local and federal government. They would like to see our laws enforced without judicial prejudice or political interference and the will of the citizenry supersede the demands of illegals and the special interest few.

Which will it be? There will be no colonists or Red Coats; only Americans who recognize that our government needs to be radically changed, in the end by force. Although their approaches are miles apart, both sides probably agree that our government has become a haven of bloated bureaucrats who simply don’t give a damn about the people they are supposed to serve. These parasites on both sides of the aisle have shown that they have no spine for actual decisions and they could care less what their constituents think. They prefer to argue in an endless blame game while not patching a single pot hole on a single street. Local governments, big corporations and utilities suck the blood out of a hapless populace and throw the corpses aside, waiting for another generation to feed upon. Americans are weary in a world where fairness is totally absent, where celebrities are above the law and not one lick of common sense is applied by those “in charge.”

In reality, both a Civil War and a Revolutionary War have already been initiated. It will certainly come to pass and be known as the American Civil Revolutionary War. The so-called Deep State has been successful in corrupting our federal, state and local governments with the aid of outside forces and Soros money. We now have such ludicrous entities such as Sanctuary Cities and openly anti-American Muslims serving in congress. The right, The Army of the Deplorables, has pushed back but has been weak and demurring to the point of a zero sum game. Meanwhile, we all cannot even agree on something so elementary as securing our borders and providing health care to our citizens. The real tragedy is that we are all Americans and we should stand together, share our differing ideas and enact a common agenda before we condemn ourselves to genuine third-world status.

So far there have been no shots actually fired on a wide-spread basis, just the occasional act of violence borne of pent up anger. However, there is fire in the powder house. When will the cannons sound? Soon, very, very soon!

Which way are you going?

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  1. ellem63 permalink

    I can empathize because it’s every bit as bad here in the u.k. The government can’t agree over anything and racism is rife, as well as increasing knife crime. It’s not such a good country to live in at the moment.

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  2. great post!
    Have a very nice weekend my friend!

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  3. Always is seldom right and never is often wrong. I disagree with both all Dems are socialists and all Republicans are right-wing whack jobs.

    Liked by 1 person

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