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The American Civil Revolutionary War

November 7, 2020

We are at a turning point –


There has been a lot of talk as of late about another Civil War in America. This Civil War 2.0 has been threatened against the right by the left ever since the election of President Donald Trump. Unlike the first Civil War, it’s not about the economy this time around; it’s about plain ideology. The economy hasn’t been this good in many decades. The right has joined the drum beating and the resulting tension on the streets of America is palpable. We are no longer a nation united, but a house divided and ready to fall.

The big question is: What would be gained by a true civil war in America today? To be sure, we are already in a Civil War of words. Each side has claimed its talking points and insults are hurled back and forth on an hourly basis. On the streets, friendships have been ended and…

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  1. Words well said…peace and harmony is the way to live.

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