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February 22, 2019

I have been taking photos since I was 7 years old. Over the years I graduated from my Brownie box camera to 35 mm reflex cameras to the several digital versions I use today. I have always loved photography and my computer is cluttered with over 16,000 images that I have made throughout the years. My photos encompass nature, wildlife, people and places of interest. While I often use them to illustrate some of my blog posts, I don’t make them the subject of my posts…. until now.

Recently, a friend asked me to post a few of my photos on my blog. Since she is a professional photographer (With two capital Ps), I was more than a little hesitant at first. After some thought, I said why not. These are not necessarily my best photos but they are the ones that I like the most. I hope they inspire thought and questions.

Meyers Beach, Oregon 1987

Spring In Portland, Oregon. 1987

Oregon Vulture. 1988

Montana Elk. 1993

Lake Resia, Italy. 1997


Our Cat Jessie’s Headstone. 2003

Mozart’s Grave. Vienna, Austria. 2005

The Tunnel My Great-Grandfather Helped Build. Rieneck, Germany. 2006

Church Fresco. Faliraki, Greece. 2007

Colosseum. Rome, Italy. 2007

Dorf Tirol, Italy. 2008

Luxor, Egypt. 2008

Hatshepsut’s Temple. Deir el-Bahari, Egypt. 2008

Luxor, Egypt. 2008

Misery. Luxor, Egypt. 2008

Roman Tiled Floor. Desenzano, Italy. 2008

Funerary Urn. Volterra, Italy. 2009


Tuscany, Italy. 2009

Tower Of Pisa. 2009

The Car Accident. Val di Fassa, Italy. 2010

Beauty And Impatiens. Lago di Garda, Italy. 2011

Santo Stefano Church. Cloz, Italy. 2013

Etowah, North Carolina. 2013

Lago di Garda. 2014

Ganajuato, Mexico. 2014

Friendship. Senale, Italy. 2015

The Last Geranium. Tret, Italy. 2016

Tignale. Lago di Garda, Italy. 2017


Insalata Capresse. Tret, Italy 2017

Santa Teresa In The Santo Stefano Church. Cloz, Italy 2017

Saint Romedio. Senale, Italy. 2018

Mushrooms. Davidson River, North Carolina. 2018

Please share your comments about these photos. I would be happy to hear them.

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  1. Very good. Sorry about your cat.

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  2. The tower in the lake begs a question, for sure. The Luxor photos are really cool. I like what you did with the Tower of Pisa – original! Overall a beautiful selection. You have an exceptional eye.

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  3. Nasuko permalink


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  4. Oh yes! Photo need to be shared. I do all the time (my blog has only my photos, except when it is not possible such as for the Lagerfeld post). Sharing photos helps you grow into photography, you can confront your with other and try new angles, perspectives or subject. The opinion of others is also important.
    I love the Garda pictures by the way, because I love Garda Lake so very much. I also have pics from Egypt with similar subjects.
    I use almost always my iPhone (sigh, ig is laziness though the phone are capturing images quite well these days), although I have also a Leica D-Lux 6, and a Canon D5 with some good lenses but I use seldom because of the bulk and weight.
    I hope you will keep doing and posting photos.

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    • Thanks. Garda is our “third home.” We are there very often and have many friends there in Tignale, Limone, and Bardolino. It is the only place on this earth that I am completely mellow.

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  5. Ah, and thank you for posting a Different view of the tower of Pisa!

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  6. KiM permalink

    Oh, how I LOVED seeing your photos! I am going to be revisiting this post while hoping you continue to share your work. Now you can fill up your blog space too 🙂 Okay, gotta quit typing so I can spend more time taking in each image and reading what you wrote about each one.

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    • Thanks Kim (You are the “PP”)

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      • KiM permalink

        Aww, thanks Allen. I love the way each one has a story. Heck, maybe if I ever finish year end paperwork, I’ll see you out on a trail with your camera, instead of just in writers group. I’d like to get back to both more. I think my favs are Misery. Luxor, Egypt. 2008 because I just know there is a story there. I also really like the light and shadows on Funerary Urn. Volterra, Italy, 2009. It’s neat to see someones world through their lens.

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  7. All these photos are amazing!!!

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  8. ♥️♥️

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  9. Lovely photos Allen. Glad you friend encouraged you to post them. Which one is your favorite?

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  10. Wise answer. No one can argue with that.

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  11. Che belle anche le tue foto .👍

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  12. I have included your blog in INTERESTING BLOGS in FRIDAY FOSSICKING at

    Thanks, Chris

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  13. Nasuko permalink

    I would like to
    thank you for everything.☺️🌸💕

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  14. Belle foto! You love Italy 😉😉

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  15. You have a excepcional and sensitiva eye.

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    Please comment…


  17. Celia Miles permalink

    I enjoyed seeing every photo–and especially the ones of places we visited (with a good camera) like Italy and Egypt. Thanks for posting them and taking me “away” for a while.

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  18. Sono foto stupende! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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  19. Great photos, Allen. That vulture and the elk in velvet really caught my eye. 🙂

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  20. I think your photos are quite remarkable. Balanced, well focused and interesting – who could ask for more?

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  21. You have a natural eye as can be seen by your various subject matter. I especially loved the one of your beautiful wife.

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  22. Love these! The train tunnel is my favorite.

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  23. Timothy Price permalink

    Excellent photos.


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