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Who Would You Like To Meet?

January 18, 2019

The question is just about ancient: “If you could go back in time, who would you like to meet?”

I have studied this question for over six decades and my answers have changed little over those many years. They are reflections of my own personal perceptions of life, history, importance and curiosity. Here are the top five people I would like to meet from the past.

The first person I would like to meet is Jesus of Nazareth. Why? It’s not because I’m a particularly religious person; it is because I am a particularly curious individual. I would like to know Jesus the man as opposed to Jesus the divine. Did Jesus have brothers or sisters as many have suggested? Was he indeed married to Mary Magdalene? Did he have children? (If he died in his 33rd year, this seems likely.) Who was this man Jesus? Surely, he was a small, swarthy, brown-skinned person and not the blue-eyed blond who is often portrayed in books and film. What were his private thoughts about those around him? Did he ever really trust Judas? What did his voice sound like? There are so many things I would like to know about Jesus that I’m sure I would need at least a month with him. I would probably get along quite well with Jesus as we are both straight talkers. I admire that in any person.

The second person on my list is Alexander III (The Great) of Macedonia. Again he was shrimp sized, probably just over five feet tall, but his accomplishments (good and bad) were gigantic in the ancient world. I would like to meet him and take a full measure of a man who changed the entire known world at such a young age. Was he a mama’s boy as some have suggested? Did he really have a hand in assassinating his father? I doubt it but who knows? How did he maintain the respect of his boyhood friends and generals after so much misadventure in foreign lands? Did he indeed look like those stylized portrait on his coins and statues or was he more common looking? Was Roxana alluring and crude or was she more straightforward and  intellectual than history has painted her? I’d love to answer those and so many other questions. I’d even like to take a short ride on Bucephalus and see if this steed was all he was supposed to be.

The third person on my imaginary list is the elusive King Arthur. Recent evidence points to him not being just a myth; he was a real person, probably a local chieftain of Roman or Pict descent with regional power. Was he really a king or just a regional leader? I would like to see for myself how round his table was and if he indeed looked a bit like Richard Harris or Clive Owen. I doubt it. I would also like to meet his main squeeze Guinevere and see how they both stack-up to the myths found in literature. Was he faithful to Guinevere? Who were his parents? Was he short or tall? Again. he seems as though he was a straight shooter. I have always imagined that I would get on with Arthur quite well. I would definitely like to share a cup of mead with him and maybe even share a couple of slices of bread and meat, courtesy of Excalibur.

Fourth on my list would definitely be Ptolemy I (Soter) of Egypt. I am certainly aware that the man was a Greek Macedonian and not an Egyptian but I have always wondered about this man who ruled ancient Egypt so well and lived so long. Did he really have the funny hooked jaw that is so often portrayed on his coinage of the day? What other languages did he speak besides Greek and Egyptian? Could he tell me about all of those wild battles along side of Alexander? Did he support Alexander out of loyalty or fear? How did he see himself as the ruler of Egypt? What hobbies did he have? I would also like to meet his entire family including Ptolemy II, the founder of the Library at Alexandria. They seem like a practical, intellectual bunch. I have always imagined that this family was actually quite humble, despite being learned, powerful and competent rulers. Only a time machine would tell for sure.

To round-out the top five, I would choose to meet my own distant relative John Allen of Plymouth, Massachusetts. John hails from my mother’s side of the family. He came to America on the ship Mary and John in 1634 and was one of the first “community heads” of the Plymouth Colony. As such, he recorded many of the day-to-day happenings in the early new world.  I would like to know him as a man and as an important ancestor. Did I inherit some of his qualities? Did he prefer the traditional spelling Allyn or was he okay with Allen? What did his voice sound like? Did he really wear those funny looking buckled shoes? Was he cool like me? I’d love to tell him how the whole Allen clan wound-up moving ever westward; I am guessing that he would understand.

The time machine waits in some distant future. Of this I am sure. However, I am surely not to survive to the moment of this invention. Therefore, my time travelling desires are rendered mute, except in my mind.

I pose this question to all of you, my faithful readers: Who would you like to meet? Name me your top five!

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  1. Nice list!
    I don’t know who I would like to meet
    I’ll think about it

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  2. I like who you’ve picked and why. You lay it out so thoughtfully and practically. Now I need to do decide who I would like to meet.

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  3. Quello che salta subito gli occhi e che non incontrare resti nessuna donna questo è il ematico per me.
    1. Seneca – la filosofia
    2.Spartacus – lotta x la libertà
    3. Ipazia – morire per le proprie convinzioni
    4. Virginia Woolf – donna del suo tempo
    5. Frida Kahlo – convivere con la sofferenza.

    Very good input .

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  4. KiM permalink

    My list doesn’t go back as far as yours or actually would be considered “meet” really. I look forward to seeing Jesus after my death or at the second coming. If I could go back in time I like to talk to my Grandpa on my mom’s side. He died when I was a baby, so technically I did meet him even though I don’t remember it. I think I would’ve liked him. I’d also like more time with family that has passed, and time spent just listening to them. Like a do-over now that I’ve aged enough to know what I missed.

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    • Good point! As a small child I didn’t get to know my grandmother well. I would loved to have met her as an adult. There was so much that was missed because of age.


  5. 1. Abraham Lincoln (just because)
    2. Richard Nixon (to learn the truth about Watergate)
    3. Dick Cavett (to talk about virtually anything. I literally bumped into him in 1973 in New Orleans)
    4. Truman Capote (to learn the truth about him and Perry Smith)
    5. Leonardo DaVinci (just because he was so smart-of course I’d need a translator)

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  6. Nasuko permalink

    Interesting and Excellent!
    My 1st choice is Jesus,too!
    I want to many question to him!! 😀
    Last person is very nice!! 😀
    I wish you can meet your ancestor by time machine! :D

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  7. Congratulations! Your blog is included in INTERESTING BLOGS in FRIDAY FOSSICKING at

    Thank you, Chris


  8. Oh man, my list changes constantly! It depends on if I’m interested in the cerebral exercise or I just wanna meet someone awesome. Like Meeting Julius Caesar or Kris Kristoferson. It’s just the mindset of the day.
    If it’s living or dead, my list of living folks are almost all musicians. If it doesn’t include living, that changes all of the time too. Some days I would love to have a POW-wow with Mengele just to try to understand what science he thought he was following, other days I’m more interested in Cleopatra because she is such an amazing figure. To limit it to just five that would always stay the same would be nearly impossible. Because how could you chose between Elie Wiesel and Maya Angelou? Or Jesus and Moses? Or Mary Mandolin and Miriam, Moses’s sister (both are women behind the man so-to-speak)?

    Wow, I guess I’m still terrible at multiple choice 😂


  9. Reblogged this on allenrizzi and commented:

    Please name your top five.


  10. 1. Jesus of Nazareth
    2. Abraham Lincoln
    3. Crazy Horse
    4. Mangas Coloradas
    5. Sitting Bull

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    • Good choices…. It’s hard to narrow it down to just five. (BTW – I learned Lakota in college.)

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      • With a little more thought, I think Michelangelo would be on the list. I’ve admired American Indians for a long time, though, and a few of them just jumped on the list. 🙂

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  11. John Quincy Adams, Grainne O’Malley, Mary Queen of Scots, John Hupper (my 4th great Grand, Grimke Sisters

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  12. Waiting Room permalink

    It would be interesting to meet Charles Darwin to talk about his wife and children’s faith, and how we politely reconciled that with his own views, but would always walk with them to church on Sunday and wait to walk back with them

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