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Who Would You Like To Meet?

June 23, 2021

Please name your top five.


The question is just about ancient: “If you could go back in time, who would you like to meet?”

I have studied this question for over six decades and my answers have changed little over those many years. They are reflections of my own personal perceptions of life, history, importance and curiosity. Here are the top five people I would like to meet from the past.

The first person I would like to meet is Jesus of Nazareth. Why? It’s not because I’m a particularly religious person; it is because I am a particularly curious individual. I would like to know Jesus the man as opposed to Jesus the divine. Did Jesus have brothers or sisters as many have suggested? Was he indeed married to Mary Magdalene? Did he have children? (If he died in his 33rd year, this seems likely.) Who was this man Jesus? Surely, he was a…

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  1. ernestgardog permalink

    There is only one that I love to meet: Jesus
    Everyone else, will be consequence.
    Being the first creation and known as the Son of God: He has all the answers of everyone of us.

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