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Gray Rain And Sleep

July 29, 2022

Another trip down memory lane! Here’s another poem I wrote in 1977. At this point in my life, I was writing more song lyrics than poetry but I was always drawn back to verse in the small hours of the morning. You can find all of my poems in my anthology, Prescriptions from the  Rhyme Doctor. Please comment.

Gray Rain And Sleep

©1977 Allen E. Rizzi

Gray rain and sleep, I think….

The balance is us and one;

Slide along the steel rail….

Don’t slip off!

Gray pattering, pattering a life….

Molding the clay like footsteps;

As each foot leaves, the form is formed unclear…

Tip, slip and shod!

Silence, the natural refuge….

Comfortable fences keep all within, without;

Unconscious security coincides….

Comfortable as a mute train whistle.

Gray rain and sleep, I think….

The balance of fragile emptiness

That hides itself like

A shadowed shadow.

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  1. Deep. An exploration of the mind.

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