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Hey, Mister Publisher

September 28, 2021

One of my latest novels has been out for awhile. I wanted to highlight it again today: Hey, Mister Publisher is available here. It’s a great look into the 1970’s music industry and the people who craft the tunes we hear on the radio. If you are from the Los Angeles area, you will recognize many of the landmarks of the area along with the flavor of the 1970’s.

“Follow songwriter Al Sapetello as he takes you through the back streets of the 1970’s music business on his way to the top. Where will the road lead him?

The 1970’s music industry is explored from the inside out, exposing both the beauty and the ugly underbelly of the business. Presented with authority by veteran songwriter Allen E. Rizzi, Hey, Mister Publisher will give you a new understanding of music and the people who make it.”

This was written as a labor of love in every respect and many years in the making. Please give it a read. I think you will enjoy it! Hey, Mister Publisher.

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