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Please Buy My Books

September 6, 2019

As the title of this post implies, I am a writer. Over the years I have written and published numerous pieces of poetry, two plays, a musical, over 150 songs and in the last few years 12 books. Let’s talk books.

Like many of today’s writers, I have noticed that the general public is reading less and less for pleasure. It is a shame for people everywhere but more specifically a mini-disaster for me and my fellow writers. This is what we do for a living and lately, it’s not paying the bills.

Writing a book takes a great deal of energy, time and yes, talent. Books are not born in a single morning as an epiphany; they are crafted during a long process lasting months if not years. When they are finally brought to market, we writers expect (perhaps unrealistically) that they be received with open arms by a waiting public. Hyperbole aside, we at least hope that a nominal number of copies are purchased and enjoyed.

The big challenge is how to market our wares to the public at large. Most of us do not have a huge advertising budget if we have one at all.  Personally I use Twitter, LinkedIn and even this blog site to occasionally promote my books. That’s called “poor man’s advertising.” My books range from a collection of tales from my first year living in Italy to a novella about the settling of the West to life set against a canvass of fly fishing to a novel about the intrigues of the music business in the 1970’s. There’s even a poetry anthology and 1970’s song lyrics anthology included in the mix along with a book of surfing tales from the 1960’s.

All of my eBooks are only $2.99 and available exclusively on Amazon at this site: You can find the paperback editions here as well if, like me, you would rather hold a book in your hands instead of a tablet or phone.

Today I am imploring all of my readers – Please buy my books! My wife thanks you, my credit card company thanks you and most assuredly, I thank you. (😉 – Yep, that’s George M. Cohan!)

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  1. Coming from a family of booksellers, librarians, and teachers (actually, my husband has been all three of those), and dedicated readers, I wish you well and will go admire.

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