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Poor, Poor Pitiful Me

March 25, 2023

Yeah, that’s another line from another great song. (Now seriously folks, buy my damn books!)

We artists (writers, songwriters, painters, poets, etc.) are dependent on the generosity of our public. We do our craft faithfully not for glory or sacks of gold but rather for an opportunity to be heard or seen and with the hope that a few coins will eventually fall our way.

The next time you read a book (hopefully mine) or hear a song (hopefully mine), please remember that a ton of time and guts went into its production. A major A-list movie? Probably not! But as a fellow writer here in Italy once told me, “After all, we are not the church!” Please pay us our pittance for our efforts.

If all of us artists could stage a grand TV spectacular like one of those “world hunger” events, our collective theme song might rightly be “Poor, Poor Pitiful Me.”

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  1. You’ve done a lot of really fine work, Allen. You’re certainly not pitiful.

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