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Re-Titled Movies

November 5, 2022

As I move through yet another year of ever changing America, I look back with nostalgia to some of my favorite movies. Some of these classics actually shaped the lives of many people including me. They were powerful pictures that spoke to us all with humanity in the hope that we would find something to call our own. But we are on different ground now; we have arrived in 2022 and the movies scene has been altered as well. Our whole society has changed and the way we look at movies has also changed. As a salute to today’s new America with it’s new attitude and perspective, here’s a short list of some of my old favorites that have been re-titled to fit today’s world:

1. Fail Safe – The Depends Story

2. Life Boat – The Syrian Refugee Story

3. Titanic – Americans On A Scale

4. It’s A Wonderful Life – The Welfare Story

5. The Ten Commandments – FOX And CNN Come Down From The Mountain

6. Frankenstein – The John Kerry Story

7. War Of The Worlds – Putin’s Dream

8. Dr. Strangelove – Bill Clinton, M.D.

9. She Wore A Yellow Ribbon – Catlin Jenner Goes Western

10. The Best Years Of Our Lives – The 1970s

Do you have any others that you would like to contribute?

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