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Whiskey Benediction

September 24, 2022

This week finds me looking at yet another old poem, one that I wrote 50 years ago. Glancing back, I muse on why I wrote it. The reasoning is buried in time but I still pull this one out every so often and give it a read, I invite you to do the same.

Whiskey Benediction

©1972 Allen E. Rizzi

In the damp cold night, I followed Lilly

Into the frosty room where her low lamp burned,

And sat with swelling anticipation

Until the light burnt out.

And then, she removed nature’s cloak,

Lending forth coal hot passion,

Which burnt into my veins

And filled my head with all of love’s desires.

Climbing to passion’s zenith,

The night burnt stronger,

To find me standing

Idly on the highest peak.

The dawn saw dim light fading;

It felt the feeling fleeting;

I gazed at Lilly as though burnt coals,

Consumed in fire, only to grow cold.

As I entered, Virginia was poised

As perfect as spring’s first flower;

As pure as the sun’s first rays

That lit the blessed Mary’s breasts.

And this entirety she has given me:

Purity too blessed for this earth,

Seething sweetness too great for wine

And love of powdered sugar.

Between these two, I stole a lot.

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  1. Mighty fine poem, Allen! Well done. 🙂


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