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Where Is Tret?

July 31, 2022

Most of you know that I live in the small village of Tret as I have referenced this village in many of my books and blog posts. Many of you have asked the same question, “Where is Tret?” Let me give answering that question an honest try.

Tret is located at the extreme top of the Val di Non in the Northernmost part of Trento Province, Italy. In fact our garden is just a few hundred feet from the neighboring Bolzano Province. It is isolated, the closest community being Sankt Felix in the adjacent German speaking province. The nearest town in our province is Fondo, some 7 kilometers to the south. We sit at 1,400 meters on the southern flanks of the Dolomites. We are just a few miles from the Austrian border to the north and northwest.

The village of Tret was originally a pasture and stables for the nearby town of Fondo during medieval times. The village’s name comes from the German word Tratten which means “hoof tracks.” Gradually, some of the summer workers at this location decided to live there year round. The first documented full-time resident of Tret was one Giovanni Bertagnolli, born in Fondo in about 1528. The church of the village, dedicated to Saint Anna, was built around 1610.

Tret is currently a frazione of Fondo (a municipal administrative subdivision). Its current population is roughly 140 (not including cats). Yes, I do know each of these people quite well and they know me. It has been home since 2003. We are Tirolean in origin, neither Italian nor German. Or language is mixed. We speak primarily Nonese (low old Latin dialect) combine=d with Italian, German and Tirolese (low old German dialect).

I have enlisted the help of my friend David Dalsis to help illustrate where Tret is located visually. From our balcony, we can see where this photo was taken, some twenty miles away on the ski slopes of Madonna di Campiglio. This photo is looking north towards our home with the Dolomite Mountains in the background.

If you think you will be in the area, please get in touch with me. I would be happy to show you around our quaint little villages and its surroundings. Until then: Ti vedis! Ci vediamo! Wir werden dich sehen! Bis bald!

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  1. Charming spot

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  2. Beautiful place, with an interesting history.

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  3. Toni Rossi permalink

    Looks so beautiful! My greatgrandfather did speak all those languages!

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