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Tirolean Names – Part 2

June 17, 2022

This is the second installment of Tirolean names. In this installment, we will be talking about topographic (toponymic) cognomi (surnames) found in the South Tirol, specifically the Val di Non. A toponymic surname or topographic surname is a surname derived from a place name. This can include specific locations, such as the individual’s place of origin, residence, or of lands that they held, or can be more generic, derived from topographic features.

Many of these surnames simply describe where a family lived and employ the word “Da” (from) or “Dal,” meaning “from.the” Examples include: Dallachiesa (from near the church), Dall’Aqua (from the water), Dallago (from the lake), Dalsass (from among the rocks), Daldoss (from the hill), DalRi (from the river), Dapoz / DalPoz (from near the well), Dallatorre (from the towers), Dallavalle (from the valley), Dall’Olio (from where the oil was made), Dalpiaz (from the piazza or town square), and Datres (from the village of Tres). There are many other similar names found in the Val di Non and surrounding areas. Some are more widely diffused than others.

All of these surnames attempted to describe people when surnames first came into existence by tagging their location.

If you missed the first installment, you can find it here:

Tirolean names – They are interesting and most have a very long and traceable history. If you would like your Tirolean name researched, please get in touch with me. Genealogy is what I do. You may contact me here:

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