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Your Opinion Counts

May 20, 2022

Opinions are the stuff we all share with each other. They are the glue that holds our society in balance, giving each of us the opportunity to express our wishes, concerns and thoughts. We offer our opinions freely in this country and unlike other countries, we consider this normal behavior. But does your opinion count?

Your opinion does count!. Well, at least to me it does!

I write this weekly blog diligently every Monday and Friday for the benefit and enjoyment of others. I often receive comments but what I really would like to know is: Are you enjoying the blog and is there anything that you would like to see more of? Is there a specific subject that interests you? Let me know. Your opinion counts.

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  1. Sì, a me il tuo blog piace molto, e leggo tutti i tuoi post anche se a volte non li commento 🤗

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  2. The blogposts I have found most interesting are the ones about life in the Italian village where you lived and the stories about music and songwriting from days past.

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  3. Vsii permalink

    Allen,Always enjoy your blog, especially your reflections on “the old country.”Nello

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  4. Be yourself. Your thoughts matter, too.

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  5. I must confess that much to my great shame I don’t visit often enough. I like your posts on Italy, and Down memory Lane…
    How’s your health? getting better?

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  6. I throughly enjoy this blog, but since it is daily, and I have discovered a propensity to comment,, I can’t keep up! LOL. But keep ‘‘em coming!

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  7. I enjoy your takes on cultural oddities, stories about family and Italy.

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