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To Night

May 13, 2022

Yep, this is another of my poems from 1971. It seems I wrote a lot that year. It’s a simple metaphor and I hope you like it. You may want to check out my poetry anthology located at: Prescriptions from the Rhyme Doctor


To Night

©1971 Allen E. Rizzi

Great Night, what lies beneath your silver eyes,

Under secret shadows of your black brow?

What fair fields are met with your easy gaze,

That I, despite my might, can never plough?

After I have labored, hung up my hoe,

And walking weakly to my bed have gone,

What have you seen, heard, touched and dearly loved

That has made you leave tears with each new dawn?

For more of these poems, check out my book above – The Rhyme Doctor

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  1. Nice, Allen. Well done.

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