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To Fish Or Not To Fish

May 4, 2022

To fish or not to fish, that is the question.

There were times years ago when this question would have never been asked; I was always ready to hit the water. These days I have to give it some careful thought.

When time catches up with you and beats the crap out of you, your fishing choices and decisions change as do a lot of other things. Gone is the wild impulse to just pile into a car and go anywhere anytime in the quest for fish. In the golden years there are things that must be carefully considered:

What is the temperature outside? (It needs to be between 70 and 72.)
How far is the river? (It has to be less than an hour away.)
How high is the water today? (Can’t wade like I used to.)
What are they hitting? (I don’t want to schlep a million flies with me when two will do.)
Did the stocking truck just pull out? (No sense of going to all the trouble for nothing.)
Are there bathrooms nearby? (Can’t go anywhere with an unpredictable bladder.)
Do I really have to pack a lunch? (There must be a Bojangles near by!)

This list broadens considerably with age but you get the picture.

To fish or not to fish…. hmm, maybe. Can we go after lunch?

PS – For those who know me well, no explanation is needed. For those who don’t, this is satire! 😎

Photo: A nice Brown caught and released on the North Mills River, NC

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  1. Fishing is a pastime worthy of contemplation.

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