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Punto IT

March 23, 2022

From a few years ago, but nothing has changed!

Punto IT refers to Amazon’s Italian address: as it would be a cardinal sin here in Italy to say “Amazon dot it.”

First let me say that not only do I sell my books through Amazon’s Kindle platform, but I also buy a great deal of merchandise every year from the Amazon website. However, those activities are through Amazon’s U.S. website, you know the one that ends in “punto com.” Merchandise has always arrived on time, usually a little earlier than advertised. I have been a very satisfied customer.

Several years ago while staying at our home in Italy, I eagerly ordered a DVD of the film “Pane e Tulipani” (Bread and Tulips). Amazon punto IT said the DVD would arrive in about a week. I waited. I waited some more. Finally after three and a half weeks, I contacted the “punto IT” folks and cancelled the order. They mumbled something to the effect that the order was probably lost in the Italian Post Office system and issued me a refund. Getting a refund in Italy was rare in itself. Another three weeks passed and I happened to be standing in front of our house. In a cloud of dust the big red BRT express courier truck sped into our driveway. A Moroccan jumped out of the truck with the engine still running and asked hurriedly in Italian, “Is your name Rizzi?” When I responded with the affirmative, the young fellow threw a package at me like a Frisbee and disappeared. Yes, it was my long forgotten DVD. It had arrived in a little under two months.

I filed the experience away under “don’t do business with Amazon in Italy” and moved forward with my life. Apparently, I am a slow learner of sorts.

On June 10 of this year, for reasons still unexplained, I searched Amazon’s Italian site for some refillable coffee capsules to fit out coffee machine here in Italy. I forgot to bring a couple of spares from the U.S. I found them almost too quickly on Amazon’s Italian site and hit the “buy” button. Whoa Nellie! The next message that appeared on my screen thanked me for my purchase but then stated that these paltry capsules were being shipped from China (say what?) and would arrive between June 26 and July 5. I shrugged and told my wife I’d screwed up again but that I was sure the goods would arrive. After all, this was Amazon, even if it was “punto IT.”

Okay, I know you’re laughing out loud as you’re reading this. You may be thinking, “What kind of a soft-headed Wop is this guy?” Actually, I’m Tirolean but I digress….

I waited anxiously until June 26 but alas no dice! Then I received a new update to my order that stated with great pride that my order would be delivered absolutely no later than Friday, July 5. I waited again and of course I received another update stating firmly that the order would be delivered by 8 PM of the 5th. (This could properly be titled “Much To Do About Shipping.) This is when the big light bulb went on above my head: Nobody, and I mean nobody, delivers anything in Italy at 8 PM. Moses himself would not even bring down a new set of tablets at the hour of cena.

As the magic hour of 20:00 approached, I looked out my window like some love sick puppy actually thinking I would be proved wrong and that the big red truck would be there any minute. Well of course, no one ever showed up. Dejected, I went to my computer to cancel the order. But hark! There was another message attached to my measly order: It was now projected to arrive between Saturday July 6 and July 10. Guarda!

Adesso arrivo previsto tra 6 luglio e 10 luglio
Siamo spiacenti, la tua spedizione è in ritardo.
Stiamo lavorando con il corriere per completare la consegna. Ti faremo sapere quando il tuo pacco sarà in consegna.
Controlla di nuovo giovedì e se non l’hai ancora ricevuto ti aiuteremo.
Doveva arrivare entro venerdì 5 luglio

I chortled. Delivery services hereabout definitely don’t work on Saturdays, so why didn’t they include that tiny fact in their missive? Were they stringing me along or were they in reality just stupid? To make matters worse (were it possible), I received an email on July 6 asking me to review the product and performance of the seller. Were they joking? I filled out the little review form with a “One Star” review simply stating the the goods had never arrived. The bottom line for me was that this was definitely the last order from the good folks in Punto IT land.

Of course, then came another message:

Previsto entro mercoledì
Siamo spiacenti, la tua spedizione è in ritardo.
Stiamo lavorando con il corriere per completare la consegna. Ti faremo sapere quando il tuo pacco sarà in consegna.
Controlla di nuovo giovedì e se non l’hai ancora ricevuto ti aiuteremo.

The clincher was: Should I wait another week to be fooled again or should I just tell Amazon punto whatever to fan cuolo? Would the same Moroccan show up in a month or two and throw the merchandise at me? What to do?

Okay, I lost it three days ago after another lame message from Punto IT. They told me a reimbursement was not possible and that I would have to contact the seller. I did just that, albeit in Italian, not Mandarin (which I also speak – 你瘋了嗎?):

Si prega di annullare questo ordine e rimborsare l’importo pagato. Il vostro servizio è ridicolmente lento. Basta! Ordine n° XXX-XXXXXXX

My request for a refund was followed by a poorly written response from China (in Italian), claiming that Italian Customs (La Dogana) had been at fault. It roughly translated as “Prease Lait!”

When the package again did not arrive on Wednesday, I once again requested a refund. Then I received another curious message:

Caro amico
Il tuo ordine è arrivato nel tuo paese di destinazione
L’ora esatta è determinata da un orario di consegna nel tuo paese.
Se non hai ancora ricevuto l’oggetto
Spero tu aspetti pazientemente per qualche giorno.
Per favore, credici
Riceverai l’oggetto
Per favore, stai tranquillo

Tranquillo I am not! At this point, I am sure I will never see the merchandise I ordered nor any due refund from Punto IT or their questionable seller. I’m done and will move on sans either.

Tell me my friends, what would you do?

As I am writing this aloud, my wife is at the kitchen table laughing in tears. Well. at least one of us has a sense of humor!

PS – Yes, there is a big PS to this whole POS. Today (Thursday afternoon), the tiny Fiat Panda of our postman drove up our driveway in a cloud of dust and stuffed a small manila envelope in our mail box. Tah-Da! Yes, my refillable capsules had arrived after a month and a day. After a frustrating 61 days, I think I’ll sit down and have a coffee!

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  1. Live and learn, then live and learn another day. Punto IT could also stand for an anglo expression to just Punt It into the end zone and quit playing this game of will today be the day? This was a smile maker.

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  2. Nice to know Punto IT is so customer-service oriented! 😜

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  3. KiM permalink

    I just had to cancel the Dakin solution to irrigate hubbies finger injury They did the refund promptly but said if it did arrive to let them know. Not sure why because we won’t need it once his finger injury finally closes up. I did in the past have a problem with late shipping before, where they referred me to the seller for a refund. Seller didn’t do what he was supposed to but after several emails, Amazon did stand behind it. Then again it is not in Italy.

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Vsii permalink

    Allen, Imagine what it will be like when they deliver by drones! Nello

    Sent from my iPad


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