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What’s Good About Italy

February 18, 2022

By now you all know that I have lived in Italy for some time as an American. Occasionally, I have been critical about this country and some of what I’ve found here. However there are many good points. I list some of them here:

1. Voting – Two day voting (Saturday and Sunday) without media influence on the final day before. Let’s face it, many people are restricted from voting because of work commitments. The Saturday and Sunday voting regime is more logical and encourages a greater turnout.

2. Roundabouts – These save energy and are more logical than stop signs. These are not popular in America, perhaps because people there are confused about ”who goes first.” It’s like the stop sign rule folks!

3. Freeway Signing – Above the road and on the road signing for directions and major exits. If you miss a major freeway exit in Italy, you are certainly brain dead.

4. Mandatory Mammograms – Provided free of charge every two years for women over 54 years. This should be a norm world-wide.

5. Health Care – At least a minimal standard of universal health care is provided at all levels. Yes, I know it’s Socialism but at least you can go to bed Sunday night and know that if you have a heart attack on Monday, it won’t wipe you out financially.

6. Dining Out – There is no “Bum’s Rush” as you eat. The check comes only when you ask for it. When I go back to the USA and my meal arrives with the check, I get a little pissed; especially when the waitress says, “When you’re ready….” Hell, I haven’t even picked up the fork yet!

7. The food is generally of a better quality than in the United States. Ingredients tend to be fresher without too many preservatives.  (The notable exception was that I found sugar as a preservative in canned kidney beans.)

I cite these seven examples. I’m sure there are more. Anybody care to contribute?

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  1. For me it’s the food and the football.

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  2. Great! I’m glad you appreciate these things 🌸🌸🌸

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