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Heil Putin!

February 17, 2022

This was written and originally published in 2014. It applies even more today!

The similarity between two beady-eyed dictators is truly uncanny. If the faces and personalities of Putin and Hitler are superimposed, there is very little difference, save the silly mustache.

The fact that another Hitler has risen, this time in Russia, is in itself no great surprise. Like post World War I Germany, Russia has been collectively kicked by the world when it was down. This was a mistake in both instances as bullies find fertile ground in hardship. The history of Hitler is complete. However, that of the equally evil Putin is still being written.

What is in the balance is Europe’s unfathomable lack of ability to learn from its own history. A continent of wimps, Europe put up with Hitler’s aggression, failed to stop him in Munich and eventually paid the ultimate price for putting up with a bully. Seventy plus years later, Europe is following the same disastrous path. Rather than standing up to the bully Putin, Europe fails to act in fear they may have to pay more for natural gas this winter. Apparently Europe with weak knees has failed to grasp the lessons of World War II as they go merrily on their way to perhaps another world war.

Bullies need to be confronted, otherwise they will always prevail. As an American, I ask Europe to act now to contain Putin. Failing that, I would ask that Europe not call us after it’s too late to provide the balls that they couldn’t find themselves. Twice is already two times too many.

These are my thoughts. What are your thoughts?

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  1. allenrizzi permalink

    The beat goes on and on and on….

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  2. Olá, preocupante e obscuro. Nesta semana o outro aspirante a nazista o visitou…o verdugo que ocupa a presidência do Brasil…figuras lamentáveis em pleno século XXI.

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