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Of Mice And Men And Brothers And Sisters

January 26, 2022

Thoughts for a Wednesday…


Unfortunately, I do not have a super close relationship with my brother and my sister. I have felt embarrassed by this fact for many years until I recently learned that this is not uncommon in many families from the 1950’s. Contrary to the days of Ozzie and Harriet in which I grrew up, many families have drifted apart. I still feel badly about my own case. Let me explain.

Fast backward to 1958. (Is there such a thing?) I am walking my younger sister to elementary school. As we walk the mile or so, I am teaching her the multiplication tables with flash cards. As her big brother, I love and protect her with all my being and she is special. She loves me too. We are brother and sister in the traditional post-war American sense. Fast forward. We haven’t spoken since 2001. How does this happen?

My brother and…

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  1. jackielagata permalink

    WOW Allen, that really opened up memories: I’m the eldest of seven kids, all but one was born in Terre Haute Indiana, of an extremely poor family. My Dad was never around, he would come back, as we would say, make a baby and go away again. As the eldest, I would take over these babies. We were split up as kids to various family members. Of course, we were never allowed to ask questions as to why we lived the way we did. To make this short, I think this is why we are soooo close now, number five sister was born when my Mother lived with my Dad’s sister and her husband. She was adopted by this couple. We finally got back together when I was 12, my Dad came home from one of his many trips in prison and moved us all to California, he died two years later. All least we were with our Mother, she was a hard hard worker and managed to keep us together from then on. Now, two of my sisters and I live in a place called Peeples Valley Az, we live one street apart and are best friends, the population here is about 500. I have a sister in Oregon, she is a bit of an outcast, rebel like, she stays in touch with me, but no one else in the family. I was 14 when she was born and we do have a special bond.

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  2. Good picture, Allen. I think it’s nice that you think about such things.

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