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January 25, 2022


Genealogy – It’s what I do and have done for several decades. It is very interesting and informative to know a bit about your ancestors. These days it’s becoming essential.

We all seem to be at least a little bit curious about our family. From the great pool of humanity, where exactly did we come from? Why do we have blue or brown eyes? Who were these people who came before us? How did they live? What did they do with their lives? Why am I short or tall? These and a huge host of other questions are often answered in great part by studying our genealogy in some depth.

Especially in the United States, where virtually everyone has their roots somewhere else, genealogy has become important to all generations. Are we Italian, English, German, Greek, Spanish, French or what? The answers come slowly through patient research and often they…

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  1. You do amazing work, Allen.

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