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The Disappearing Crowd

January 23, 2022

I am not an old person. However, every year that passes sees more of my friends and acquaintances doing the same. It is as though the herd is being thinned and none of us knows who’s next. Yikes!

When you’re 18 years old, you really don’t give a damn. Life is a long highway and you just got on the on-ramp. No sweat, the road ahead is long enough not to cause any major thinking. You sort of put it on cruise control, sit back and enjoy the ride. When you hit say 50, it starts to get a little clearer, this life thing. You realize you’ve purchased an E-ticket and you’ve already wasted more than half of it. When you hit 65, many of your friends have already been culled. What’s next?

Relax! The disappearing crowd doesn’t necessarily mean you’re next. Be grateful you got the one way ticket to start with and keep on trucking! Life’s a bitch but it gets a whole lot bitchier if you sit around waiting for the big sleep. Enjoy the time you have, enjoy the people you care about and enjoy yourself. It really doesn’t get any easier than that.

The disappearing crowd? You’ll see them all soon enough. Why rush?

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  1. True. Enjoy the moments you have and try to do some good. 🙂

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  2. Wise words! Just enjoy yourself.

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  3. mwimsattbiblestudy permalink

    Right on, I’m 66 and yes the herd around me is thinning, but I thank God, I’m still enjoying the life he has given me. Family and friends are the most important to my survival and contentment.

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  4. 50 is definitely a eye-opener, a full life review seems to get triggered at this age.

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