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Of Dice And Men

January 19, 2022

And the winner is….

Everywhere in America, we are literally gambling our lives away. There is sports betting, track betting, off-track betting, online gambling and of course, everyone’s favorite, the plethora of lottery games.

The latter is especially hurtful in that the people least able to spend money on gambling often are the largest purchaser of lottery tickets. Yes, it can even become an addiction. South Carolina regularly runs ads offering to help those with gambling addictions. In true southern fashion, they claim it’s impor-dant to help people with gambling addictions in their advertisements on television. Of course, they turn right back around and encourage everyone to buy more tickets: It’s the money honey!

Gambling seems to be in our blood and we can’t get enough of blood sports. Boxing, football – you name it and there is a way to wager on it. What do you win off of someone else’s misfortune? Not much in the end. Spartacus would have been proud though. But somewhere in the coliseum there was sure to be a long line of losers grumbling at the denarii they left on the gaming tables.

Then there is the huge drain of both cash and productivity that plagues our country. Take a close look at Las Vegas and Atlantic City. Are the winners really those poor broken down souls yanking the levers of slot machines? Of course not. The winners? Big companies, often foreign owned. The losers? People who usually can’t afford to lose a dollar no less the thousands of them that they spend. It is pitifully sad but it has also become normal and acceptable.

From the casinos of Las Vegas to the back streets of Chicago, people are betting on the come. From the craps tables to the alley ways, America is constantly rolling the dice. America is becoming a gambling tragedy – a country of dice and men.

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  1. mwimsattbiblestudy permalink

    True and Sad

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  2. So true and great title!!!

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  3. I think they’ve slowed down on State Lottery advertising here, but don’t watch enough tv to know for sure.

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