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One Flew Over The Cuckoo Clock

January 14, 2022

Yes, I know I love these catchy titles but of course this has zero to do with the movie. It actually describes the weird multi-transatlantic voyage of our cuckoo clock. Yes, in the end it wasn’t flown anywhere. However, it made a voyage that would impress even Magellan.

Back in 1997 my wife and I purchased an elaborate cuckoo clock in Eugene, Oregon. This was no ordinary time device. Because my wife is a collector of owls, the clock we purchased had a hand-carved fascia of several owls and even had an owl that popped out and hooed instead of the conventional cuckoo bird. The clock was a work of art and became a treasured part of our home.

When we bought the clock, we were told that it had to be special ordered as it was hand-made in Germany’s Black Forest region. It was shortly thereafter that our clock made its first trans-Atlantic voyage, from Germany to Eugene, Oregon on the west coast of the United States. The distance was some 8,697 kilometers. That was Trip One.

The clock served faithfully and made its owl-like noises until five years later, we decided to move to Italy. Then came the daunting task of deciding what would be shipped overseas and what would be sold or given away. Obviously we elected to ship our clock. Careful packaging was employed to ensure the linden wood clock received no damage in transit. After all was said and done, the clock arrived safely without a scratch to our new home in the Italian alps. There it stayed on our wall for the next many years. That distance was 8,994 kilometers. We’ll call this Trip Two.

Eventually we decided to purchase a new home in North Carolina on the east coast of the United States and again the clock was carefully packaged for the move. I jokingly told the Italian movers that if the clock arrived in the U.S. damaged, they would awake to horse heads in all of their beds. They took me seriously and re-packaged my package with additional padding so that the clock now resembled a small coffin. On the appointed day, they arrived and took our clock and other belongings away for the circuitous journey back to the United States. This trip was a mere 7,505 kilometers. That was Trip Three.

Our clock now has quite the travel resume: It was manufactured in Germany, shipped to Oregon, re-shipped to Italy and then re-shipped again to North Carolina. That’s a grand total of 25,196 kilometers or 16,656 miles! Most people haven’t traveled as much! Indeed, when it comes to travel, one flew over (okay, shipped over) the cuckoo clock.

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  1. That’s great. My wife and I bought one when we were in Germany. It was a Black Forest model too, but not nearly as fancy as yours. It lasted about 40 years before it finally bit the dust.

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  2. It’s really clocked a lot of miles (or kilometers, if you prefer)!

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  3. My, how time flies . . . Cuckoo! Cuckoo! (Er . . . Hoo! Hoo!) 🙂

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