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A Novel Idea

December 22, 2021

Food for thought…


If you’re like most Americans, you probably encounter some part of our failing infrastructure on a daily basis. You are likely to hit at least two potholes with your car on your way to work or to the market. You’ve probably also noticed that our bridges are literally crumbling. Let’s not forget our out-of-date utilities which include gas pipelines which seem to explode with increasing regularity. In fact, if you look around, you’re apt to see most of our public works in disrepair. What to do?

Years ago, we had a similar problem combined with huge unemployment. There was a thinky little fellow named Franklin Delano Roosevelt who came up with an idea. It was called the Works Progress Administration (WPA) and it got America back in shape in terms of infrastructure repair and employment. Out of the 10 million jobless men in the United States in 1935, 3 million…

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  1. I have to admit, that was one program of FDR’s I really think should be brought back.

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