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Custard’s Last Stand

December 21, 2021

I went to the market the other day for a little shopping. While I was there, I thought it would be nice to try some custard. I haven’t had it in a while. I guess it’s going to be a while longer; they don’t sell it anymore. At least it’s not the custard that I remember. It is now yuppie instant custard, a concoction that does not resemble its distant relative. Disappointed, I turned to see if the market carried polenta. No, apparently even in the ethnic section, polenta doesn’t exist either. Puzzled, I went home hungry.

It seems that I lot of the things I knew from years ago are no longer available in local supermarkets. Times have changed and so have tastes. The American diet now seems largely fat driven; I’ve noticed that 40 percent of the space in local markets is now devoted to frozen foods, fast foods, or pre-prepared foods. I honestly wouldn’t know what the hell to do with pre-cooked bacon; it sounds about as appetizing as pre-frozen leftovers. Where have we all gone astray?

On a return visit to the market, I was elated to find that I could still buy a pear, an apple and a half-gallon of milk. The staples have survived, albeit modified greatly from the days of my childhood. The milk now comes in so many varieties that I get a bit confused. I settled on two percent chiefly because I’m not sure what the other varieties even mean. An apple is not just an apple any more either. There are more than 10 varieties hereabouts. Damn, I just wanted a red one.

I suppose I’m a bit old-fashioned (and not 400 pounds like so many of my brethren). I would still prefer to make my own pasta sauce from fresh ingredients. Prego means you’re welcome – I prefer to say no grazie to jarred pasta sauce. If I must eat bacon, I sure as hell want to see it in the flesh so to speak before I cook it. The pre-prepared salads don’t do too much for me either. I guess I’d rather cut my own tomatoes so at least I know what month they came from.

Custard’s last stand? Yep, I think it was lost in the Battle of the Little Bloat-Horn.

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  1. We’re all so busy that we need instant food.

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  2. James Rogers permalink

    Howdy Allen.. Living here in Boone Iowa it’s hard to find certain food items. Like Bean Sprouts and Alf alfa .. Can’t get a Decent Pizza any where that I Know of. So I Make all my own Pizza’s the dough But I Do buy the Sauce.. I Make all my own Pasta I Have all the Rollers that go to my Kitchen Aid. You Can get Good beef here but I Order most of my Sea Food Online. also Order Rabbits and Ducks .. It’s cheaper than the Stores . Next time you want Custard just make it yourself.. I have been Cooking my hole adult life . But one thing that I Get frustrated with is I’m never Satisfied with the Past Sauce I Make .. I even Grow my own Roma Tomatoes and I Do make Sauce out of them it’s just OK don’t seem to know the right spices to use.. But I Sure Enjoy Trying .. Hope you and your Wife Have a Great Christmas and a Happy New Year.. Jim in Cold ASS IOWA..

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  3. We have pretty similar shopping habits Allen. Wouldn’t touch pre-cooked bacon and haven’t had jarred pasta sauce since I was in college. Do people know how easy it is to make a decent fresh pasta sauce? It seems like there’s two opposite trends going on simultaneously. One is a movement toward more fresh foods with more natural ingredients. The other is something that has been going on in America since the TV dinner became popular in the 50’s. That, is, what can I make that is fastest and requires the least amount of effort.

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  4. KAREN ZUECH permalink

    I agree with all of it. I prefer prepared by me.

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    • At least you know who to blame if you don’t like it, right? Like you I make everything at home. 🍷


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