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Cotton Candy Dreams

November 27, 2021

Cotton Candy Dreams is one of the many songs I wrote commercially back in the late 1970s. Its lyrics are straightforward and metaphoric, a lovely blend of what I thought was sweet and sad back in 1977. I have always been more than a little partial to this song and it has always brought a sad little smile to my face. Time rolled by and in 2014 this song’s lyrics were included in my songwriting anthology, Three A.M. – The Complete 1970s Song Lyrics. ( May 2014) Here are the lyrics with the back scene that I wrote for the song in 2010:

Cotton Candy Dreams
© 1977 Allen E. Rizzi

(V1) Cotton candy dreams…. in your eyes;
The years go by to your surprise.
Young girl holdin’ on to love and dreams;
Never turns out the way it seems….

(V2) Sponge cake afternoons, they’re all gone;
Friends and lovers have moved on.
Life can let you down at twenty-one;
But remember love, it’s just begun….

(Ch.) I’ve been lovin’ you for such a long time;
My heart’s getting’ weary to the core.
For God’s sake girl, quit your dreaming;
My heart won’t take it anymore….

(V3) Cotton candy dreams…. In your eyes;
Keep the tears from sad goodbyes.
Young girl holdin’ on, head up high,
Watchin’ the world as it goes by….

(Coda) Cotton candy dreams….

Back Scene 2010:

This was one of my first commercially successful songs. Typical of many of my songs, it was written in the female voice and intended for a female recording artist. The chorus can be taken as either the male or the female voice (woman speaking to herself as a child or a man speaking to a female love interest.) Lots of good metaphors in this one! I can’t remember if this was written with any one girl in mind. Probably not.

It seems to me that the title and lead line were suggested to me by looking back into my own childhood in which occasionally included cotton candy at a fair. Neil Young used the term candy floss in a like manner referring to childhood. At any rate, cotton candy dreams seemed like a nice notion to explore back in 1977! This song was commercially recorded in 1978.

AER 6-26-2010

Here’s the original rough demo recording from 1977:

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