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November 17, 2021

I’m listening to a television commercial as I write this. I wasn’t aware that I could do my wife anytime, maybe even in the frozen foods department of my local Walmart. Oh thank you Cialis, you have made my day!

As a recent re-immigrant to my native USA via Italy, I am constantly amazed at the shear girth of drugs that are pandered to the public on television. I honestly wasn’t aware that most men have erectile dysfunction, but a very nicely built bimbo just told me so on a commercial break. I also didn’t know that the entire American public needs to be sucking-up huge quantities of Lipitor. Where have I been? I was also recently told that if I developed a sniffle, I should get a Z-Pack immediately and maybe a six pack of energy drinks for the road. I feel a bit like Rip Van Winkle although I heard that he too was high on some junk he bought from a television ad.

The whole pharmaceutical thing has gotten way out of hand (pun intended). We have gone from a nation that toughed out a severed limb in the Revolutionary War to a state of nincompoops who can’t seem to function on even the lowest level without our daily fix of pills and drinks. We have become a nation of flaccid, neurotic wimps!

I’m thinking that if North Korea really wanted to “do us wrong,” they would simply hack and bring down the Viagra website. It probably wouldn’t be hard to do! They could win the war with us without even setting a foot on our soil. We would be simply, limply defeated. Although, perhaps we could defend ourselves in the end by launching catapults of Ibuprofen and Tylenol.

This country needs a new prescription. Lets start with re-establishing a work ethic that does not rely on pharmaceutical inducement. Let’s then proceed to taking a crack at living our daily routines without the crumbling crutch of pills, uppers, downers and in-betweeners. Can’t we get things done the old fashioned way with the grit and determination that made this country great to start with?

Get off the drugs America! Our very future depends on it!

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  1. And get the drug ads off TV,

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  2. jackielagata permalink

    Hi Allen, did you know that the drugs that Cialis are made of, were originally used in ICUs in the hospital, to treat very low blood pressure. When they realized what it did for the male patients, pharmaceutical experienced a big EXPLOSION. They don’t warn you of the long term effects this drug may have, after all, it helps to increase your blood pressure and can cause a few other problems that are mentioned in the small warnings.

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  3. I think we are the only country that allows direct-to-consumer advertising of prescription drugs. It’s sickening. The pharmaceutical industry has this country by the balls.

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