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  1. Timothy Price permalink

    I was a geography/art photography major. Books, lab fees and supplies were expensive. Tuition was more reasonable by today’s standards, but still a lot to come up with every semester. I may be the last cohort who could work and pay for school on a part-time job. My wife’s fall 2021 tuition was $1800 for 6 credit hours, but with all the fees tacked on I had to pay over $3K. Then there are books. I don’t know how students can pay tuition, fees, and books on their own these days. I got my bachelors in 4 years. I was so tired of school that I worked my butt off and got my master’s degree in a year including two summer semesters. I had to fight to get permission to take 12 to 15 graduate hours a semester.

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  2. Nemorino permalink

    My college roommate was a psychology major, so I participated in his experiments for free. Unfortunately his professors were behaviorists, so the experiments were all quite trivial. To earn money, I waited on tables in the graduate women’s dorm for the first two years and then worked in the law library for the last two.

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  3. I worked in the dorm cafeteria my first year, then two summers as a security guard at an amusement park (and one night a week the rest of the year). Got night auditing jobs at hotels when getting my accounting degree.

    The sign up board I remember was in high school. I did some work as a domestic (housekeeping chores) a few times.

    My most recent college stint was in 2004-7 and I don’t recall seeing any sign up board for odd jobs, but then, I wasn’t looking for it, either!

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