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Late Night Talk Shows

October 24, 2021

Had a good night’s sleep…


Years ago, I was a fan of late night talk shows, specifically The Tonight Show. I watched it through all of its incarnations from Steve Allen, to Jack Parr to Johnny Carson to Jay Leno. It was generally entertaining and gave me the opportunity to see some personalities with whom I was not familiar.  It was just plain fun and a nice way to end the evening. Then the clouds came and things changed….

After Jay Leno and David Letterman retired and left the scene, the void was filled with unfunny hosts who saw their mission as harsh political commentary and indoctrination rather than entertainment. Gone was the humor and joy that accompanied the late night experience. Everything was replaced by smugness, meanness and mass asininity. Monologues that used to feature current events and a look at topical news in a comedic format were replaced with non-relenting harsh…

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  1. Timothy Price permalink

    I grew up with Johnny Carson. He probably has a lot to do with the development of my twisted mind. When I was 8 years old, I had a rare disease in my knees that was very painful. I had a hard time sleeping, so I watched Johnny Carson. I had surgery when I was 9 and had about a year and a half of rehab after that. Johnny was my late-night pal who helped ease the pain by making me laugh. I never got into the other late-night TV shows before I gave up on TV. I used to listen to Art Bell in the 80s and 90s for late-night entertainment.

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    • If you are “off” TV, yopu are much better off than most of us.

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      • Timothy Price permalink

        We haven’t had TV in over 30 years. I won a big screen in 2011 that could have TV, but we only use it to watch movies occasionally. It’s been over two years since we watched a movie.

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  2. Ernest Garcia permalink

    Those were the good old days. Having worked for the Company for 32 years; every once in a while, there was a need for someone to kick the cables out of the camera’s way. I can honestly say that I worked on his show. (lol)
    He was a very generous and giving man. Those that worked on his show regularly, were rewarded with very expensive gifts during the holidays: Or special occasions.
    His worked staffs, seldom missed a days work. Not many famous known artist had that advantage of having such a faithful crew.
    Good Night, Johnny

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