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RU Miseducated? – LOL

October 6, 2021

Well into my seventh decade on this planet, I have to say I am really disappointed with the miseducation of today’s young people. It’s really not an old person thing, so I probably should leave out the part about seven decades; it’s a today problem and one that affects all of us.

A few years back, a young dinner guest hit me with a barrage of LOL over dinner. Like many of her age, she likes to ride older people for being stupid and out of touch. She thought I didn’t know what LOL meant. I did. However, when I asked her if she knew how to spell the word laughing, I was greeted with silence and the very facial expression that sums up today’s education experience in America: Vacuous.

Over the last few years, I learned that today’s young people are woefully lacking in communication skills. Most can not write a coherent paragraph, all but a few simply don’t listen when someone is speaking to them and their reading lists are chiefly comprised of emails, photos and texts. Trying not to embarrass younger people, I avoid any references to novels, classical music and virtually everything that Mr. Webster has published. It makes me wonder and fear for our very future as a society.

Likewise I was completely floored when I learned that local schools no longer teach cursive writing. What? Not possible! Sadly, it is not only possible, it’s a fact. Then my mind flashed back to the days of penmanship, exchange letters, love letters and dear diary entries. I suppose these have been relegated to the Smithsonian but I fear we are no better off for it. Granted, I am typing this off on a computer keyboard but guess what folks? I can still write it down with pen and paper just as easily. Fortunately I was not miseducated.

Then there’s the practical side of miseduaction. If you are going to eventually have a job, I suppose it would be handy to know not to start a letter or business correspondence with 2 U. Of course, the argument supporting this vacuum in our education system insists that computers will do all the work in the near future. Great! What about conversations, you know, where you have to speak and respond to someone else. Are we to be left with just grunting sans facial expressions? The Neanderthals would be proud that we have come full circle.

I look back with considerable pride to the time I spent as an English teacher. My students certainly did learn communication skills. All were able to write, speak, read and listen. I wonder how those folks are coping with their children these days. I honestly believe that the people who went to public schools in the 1970s were the last people to have acquired good communication skills. Today’s teachers as well as their students don’t seem to put a high priority on communication – 2 Bad! And grammar? Don’t get me started!

Youth is rebellious by nature. I sure was rebellious when I was young. My parents and grandparents thought my music, idiom and way of thinking was a bit strange, even unacceptable. The feelings were mutual. I didn’t think they were very boss or bitchin’ either. That was natural. But like them, I was at least educated, enough even to write this blog entry.

The next time you see one of our lightly educated youths fiddling with their phone, you might want to text them a quickie: “2 U – RU miseducated? – OMG – Y – LOL 2!”

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  1. Vsii permalink

    Allen,Is it a coincidence that the dumbing down of our educational system more or less began when the Department of Education was established?Nello

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  2. No more cursive writing? Seriously? That’s awful…I’m somewhere in the middle of my life I guess but I have noticed these “upgrades” in today’s youths and miseducated and non educated are the perfect words to describe them…

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  3. I didn’t get the RU part of your post’s title at first. That’s how far behind the times I am. 🙂

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  4. Neanderthals would probably feel insulted at the comparison.😆 I have seen the evidence that kids today have no handwriting skills. More concerning is lack of critical thinking skills.

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  5. And, what about capital letters? Have you realized that they are no longer in fashion at the beginning of a paragraph? 😀

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  6. Excellent composition Allen!
    U R right on the 💰
    Not sure I’ve done that correctly, I’m also sort of old school! 😕

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  7. The one I like best is seeing the new generation trying to give you change when the cash registers are down. They are amazed that I can tell them what the change is before they put their hand on their calculator. They never learned to “count up”.

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    • You are so right Sal. I recently bought one item that was being sold two for a dollar. The cashier asked, “How much is just one?” I said, “Two for a dollar.” After he asked a fourth time I said, “I’m going to take a wild guess here and say 50 cents!”


  8. How very true. I always type out each word in everything I do.

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  9. The miseducation is intentional, I honestly believe that the powers that be don’t want intelligent, free-thinking, self-expressive people. They want obedience not intelligence.

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  10. Many of your points are well taken. But I’m not sure we need to teach cursive writing anymore. If I write something in cursive once a month it’s a lot.

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  11. I was taught cursive writing in grade school, learned calligraphy in High School Art, learned early DOS computer coding language in High School, as well as Shorthand to dictation, when it was already becoming obsolete in the work world through tape recorders/dictation machines, etc. Learned to type 102 words per minute on an electric typewriter without any errors, on triple layers separated by carbon paper, but that, too, wasn’t even seen as a skill two-short years later when I, unable to attend college, tried to enter the workforce in the Office Operations/Admin Assistant industry of work world.

    I traversed my Public School, K-12 primary education during a time of many changes – I survived New Math, only because my Dad showed me how to arrive, in my head/or work out the CORRECT answer to Basic Math, Algebra and Geometry, in the OLD way, then he read my textbook and showed me how to practice to get the answer right, quickly, THEN waste time ‘showing it to the teacher’ that I could get the answer right via the ‘way’ they wanted it shown in the New Math, period of public Education.

    I apparently went through the New English period, as well – – I do not know how to diagram out a sentence, I do not know what a lot of grammar rules/labels are – for the love of ALL that is holy! It took asking, via group email, to friends who were, “Librarians, Teachers, Attorney’s and one Judge” asking, “Could one or all of you explain to me, EXACTLY, with an EXAMPLE, what the heck the “Oxford Comma” debate is about, and what, it actually IS????”

    Why? Because I had attended a Writer’s Group get together, listened to a passionate, conflicting, confronting debate between two members, neither of which, EVER answered my question….

    “What’s the Oxford Comma?” –

    Turns out, it was the way I learned to do commas, little did I know….

    I still put two spaces after the end of a sentence, EVEN though, given computer technology, norms, etc., say one space is sufficient.

    I tried – How HARD I tried! To re-train 35 years of muscle memory, brain memory, to type just one space – – not happening except when I get overtired and my right hand still doesn’t cooperate fully, after my stroke – sometimes there will be found one space, no space or 3-4 spaces….

    I use a dash when I’m SUPPOSED to use an ’em’ dash

    I construct long, rambling, run-on sentences, when I write.

    I type out homonyms since my stroke, and nothing in computer auto-correct, or auto-alert, catches such errors, even though, I KNOW the difference between to, too and two…. between cents, scents, sense – 🙂

    Thus? Through education, work experience, work requirements and my own health hits, I manage to break all the rules, bend the rules, am oblivious to the rules all at once.

    I am a Child of Generation X – the ones who couldn’t afford to go to college, nor could their parents pay for it, the generation caught in the middle of caring for parents without resources to meet rising later in life costs AND simultaneously, assisting our children to get their continued education sans resources to provide it –

    I am a product of the generation that is starting to be touted as “The Second, Lost or Silent Generation” –

    We are ‘lost/silent’ for many reasons – but to me? Akin to the last ‘lost/silent’ generation? We simply did what needed be done to provide for our loved ones, best as we could, with what we had, while the world moved too fast, got hit hard, or faced extreme challenges all around us, and there was nothing else, but do it.

    Which, brings me comfort sometimes, other times? Frustrates the heck out of me.

    And sometimes? I can only LOL or 😀 over it all –

    Even while I carry a grudge when various tools removed the ’emoji’ that showed ‘rolling my eyes” –

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    • As long as we can all communicate with each other, I don’t think the “super rules” are that important. However, authors like me are slaves to formatting. It is the curse upon our existence. 🙄 (There’s that rolling eyes emoji.)

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      • :D. Well, yes and no – for myself, I like the paraphrase of a quote, I’ve seen displayed often, in various terms, “Best learn the rules, so you know when/where to break them” – throughout history – and, well, I shared an abstraction with my previous boss who is deep into Library land, and the NEED to cite sources and evidence, and battle fake news, misquotes, disinformation while teaching discernment and cyber/online safety skills to many – he may/may not have understood, I shared an abstraction to laugh at, while also making a point, to me, – NOT a ‘hey, check out this TRUE story” and why I am embracing it as ‘true’ – 😀

        It is, to me, what it is, in all it’s fronts – and still amazes me, no matter how the rules, desires, tools change, at the end of the day, throughout history, there always remains, the desire to fully communicate, be heard, understood and to try to understand another, learn more, all while resting in the reality, “I now know I know nothing” – and being okay with it….:D.

        thanks for the eye-roll emoji – will have to look up the keyboard shortcut to make it – unless – um, you happen to have that right off the top of your brain, too? and not via an app on your computer/phone?

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