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Animal Cruelty

September 19, 2021

Thoughts for a Sunday…


Animal cruelty – Everyone seems to condemn it and yet it continues to grow in our society at an alarming rate. Why?

Just last night, I saw a report on television about a dog that was chained and dragged from a pick-up truck by two of our errant morons here in North Carolina. Why? Kicks! It seems that many people these days just aren’t stimulated enough by everyday kind s of things; they need a double dose of caffeine and something really nuts to get their blood moving, It’s pathetic but becoming all too common.

People who torture animals seem to have a deep-seated psychopathology that will someday erupt into far worse violence against people. We see this time after time. The mass shooter often got his start shooting dogs and cats or dismembering small birds. It’s a sickness to be sure and one that needs intervention at an early…

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  1. I can’t stand people who don’t respect animals, because after a while they won’t respect their fellow beings

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