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Medicine – The Foreplay Of Death

August 25, 2021

Something to think about…


The human body and mind are susceptible to a wide variety of maladies which can occur at any age. Most of us are fortunate enough that sickness does not arrive until later in life. Some are not so fortunate. All along the way, there is this thing called medicine.

We begin taking medicine in our infancy: Everything from polio shots to vitamins. As we get older, our medicine changes. Some need acne medicine, others need asthma medication. But what is clear is the older we get, the more medicine we seem to need. In addition to what we actually need, we are constantly enticed to use more. Medicine is indeed the foreplay of death.

Today in America, we have an over-drugging of our entire population courtesy of the nation’s large drug companies and the Wall Street pushers behind them. If you watch television for only one hour a week, you…

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