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When Is Wrong Wrong?

August 17, 2021

When is wrong wrong?


When is wrong wrong? As of late in our Bizarro world, it seems that more and more often wrong is right.

Repeatedly we have seen football players and other athletes rape, beat and abuse women. Is it wrong? Of course! But what is done about these actions? Nothing is done and that makes it right in the eyes of the public. The “boys will be boys” attitude is the oldest and lamest excuse around. The NFL should stand for the Neanderthal Flagrant Lawbreakers. Add to their shenanigans the whole kneeling episode and it becomes apparent even to the dullest person that the whole outfit is just plain wrong.

How about drunk drivers? They kill and maim thousands of people including themselves every year and yet we continue to see this behavior as acceptable. We invent hundreds of programs for these ass-brained folks, revoke their licenses (for which they could care…

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  1. Heavy stuff, Allen. Stay sane.

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