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It Could Always Be Worse

August 14, 2021

Saturday thoughts…


When I was a kid, I used to occasionally complain to my father about some minor misfortune in my life. Whether it was big or small, he always replied with, “Things could be worse. You could be missing both of your legs!” Of course as a child I thought his response unrealistic. Once I even came back with, “Yeah, but I’ve got both of my legs!” Smack!

The point however was not entirely lost upon me. As I got older, I realized the basic truth in what my father had told me. While things could always be better, they could always be worse. When I wound up a single parent, I thought it was an awfully hard task but it could have been worse: I could have had three kids instead of just one. At least I had a job. You get the idea.

While I’ve never been one of…

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