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Surfer Girl

August 13, 2021

When it comes to records, Surfer Girl is one of my all time favorites. Why? I was a surfer in the 1960’s and as corny as it seems, I identified with every word of this song.

I remember a night so long ago when a friend and I went to a dance at Alameny High School (a Catholic school in San Fernando, California). They played this song by the Beach Boys  and I was instantly in love with every surfer girl on the dance floor. It stuck with me through all my surfing years and well beyond until today.

Back in 1965, I was the consummate surfer. I had the sun bleached hair and a tan that made me often confused with a Mexican. I was a romantic back then (still am!) and I often fanaticized about some would-be surfer girl that would accompany me throughout my surfing adventures. I never did have a surfer girl who would follow me anywhere. I came close with a high school flame. The trouble was that any self-respecting girl was not apt to get into my 1956 Chevy wagon with curtains and a mattress. Many a father back then simply nodded while closing the door and said, “No way son!” when I arrived to pick-up my date. Fantasy was all I had left.

Even today, I love this song for the fantasy it presents. It is the quintessential anthem of the lonely surfer. We pined away on the waves, hoping a surfer girl would be waiting on the beach. Sometimes they would be waiting sure enough but they were usually the mousy version, bereft of any woody traveling aspirations. Bummer!

Of all the surfer girls I actually knew, only a few stand out in my aging memory. I recall a nameless blond surfer girl in Carpenteria from the year 1965. She might have been a candidate but as I recall I got sick from too much vodka and threw up on her. No surfer wagon for her!

Another was my high school sweetheart, Karen. She was as athletic as she was beautiful. I distinctly remember a night long ago when she snuck out of her father’s camp to meet me “over the fence” at Hopson State Beach. We were just innocently talking in my 1956 Chevy when her father approached and went ballistic. He broke the window in my car (an awesome feat) and demanded that his daughter leave the den of sin. As she sauntered away, I could feel my surfer girl being taken away from me forever.

Give this oldie a listen and tell me if it doesn’t stir a chord in your own youth.

For a little background on the 1960’s Southern California surfing scene, read my book: Fifty Years Ago – A Surfing Trilogy: And Other Surfing Stories from the 1960s.

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  1. James Rogers permalink

    Howdy Allen.. It’s Funny every time I See that Picture of the Beach Boy’s in that Album Cover it brings back A Lot of Memories .. I Spent a Lot of Time there at Paradise Cove .. I Was Standing just Off Picture when they Shot that . I Remember Asking My Sister She’s 4 years older why they were doing that . She said they were the Greatest Band ever .. They had come to Sylmar HS to do a show for all the kids that sold I Think some kind of Candy Bars to raise money for the Lights for the Foot Ball Field . But that one thing being there was what got me to Take up Guitar and Still Playing All the Time .. Also being there at Paradise Cove is where I Saw a couple guy’s Spearing fish out in the Kelp Paddies . went Right home and stated making a Spear that never worked out but it got me into wanting to Scuba Dive . Did so up to around 60 .. Living here in Iowa is so Peaceful but God I Miss the Ocean so much. Lived 4 Blocks from the water in HB for around 35 years. HB has changed so much it’s nothing like it use to be.. Use to surf at the Pier get out and walk up Main Street and stop at this little Italian Deli and get Their Garlic Bread .. it was so Good.. Memories

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  2. I loved The Beach Boys music back in the day, but I’ve never lived very close to a beach or ever tried surfing!

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  3. I tried surfing once at Ocean City, NJ. I managed to get up on the board twice. It was the hardest thing I ever tried. I think I waxed the wrong side of the board, and that’s probably why I kept falling off. Love the Beach Boys even to this day!

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  4. 🙂☀️🏖🎶🌴☀️😊

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  5. Daniel Scherer permalink

    When reminiscing you might want to have “Lonely Bull” by Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass playing in the background.

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