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Cogito, Ergo Scribo

August 11, 2021

Thoughts for a Wednesday…


Cogito, ergo scribo: I think, therefore I write. It seems like a simple enough statement.

For over 55 years I have been a professional writer. Over this expanse of time I have often been asked, “Why do you write?” My simple reply has always been, “Because I think.” Writing is an extension of our thinking process and our attempt to share those thoughts with others. Yes, there are those writers who do not wish to share their thoughts. Emily Dickinson comes to mind. She was content to keep her poems to herself for many years. However, in the end she did share them with us. Even a dear diary entry is in fact designed to be shared; in the writer’s mind, it is often shared with an alter-ego or intended to be shared with one’s self at a later date. Anne Frank’s diary is such an example.

The connection…

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