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Better Late Than Never

August 8, 2021

An old post… and YES, I got the smart phone!


I am a bit slow to change. It’s what a lot of people of my generation do. It’s not because I’m lazy or stupid. I’m just comfortable in a world where Tuesday is pretty much like the Monday before it. It makes me feel good.

However after years of procrastination, I recently made a foray into the world of Twitter. This was, at least for me, a major change which I reluctantly embraced.  I’m not one who is big on social media; most of it seems to be a waste of time for me. However I am also a person with strong opinions who likes engaging others. Ta-dah! Twitter!

My Twitter experience has thus far gone pretty much as expected. I endured the general election back and forth and was able to connect with others who share some of my background, experience and opinions. It has also been a good…

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  1. Timothy Price permalink

    You are either a braver or more foolish man than I. No Twitter for me. As I’ve said before, I leave tweeting to the birds. I had a dumb phone for years. I loved it. Besides the wonderful camera in my new smart phone, the main reason I bought it, it’s really a smart ass phone and drives me crazy most of the time. But now that a tossed my handset and work and put the office phone system app on my smart ass phone, I can take the sales calls I get from everywhere and anywhere. I can also control the alarm system for our new office building with my smart ass phone, and I can see and control the security cameras with my new smart ass phone. I’ve come to depend on it greatly. What a dumb ass am I.

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