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Candy From My Youth

July 30, 2021

Of the many things I recall with complete clarity from my youth are the countless candies that dominated the theater, the school and the life back then. I often look back with both fondness and dismay at those many lumps of sugar.

There was of course the Necco Waffers, the forerunners of every young child’s cavities. They came in a roll with different flavors and I remember chocolate as being my favorite.

The other rolled treat were the Life Savers. They also came in multiple flavors. My mother used to give us Life Savers Books for Christmas. This was a unique marketing ploy whereby twenty rolls of this candy were packaged into a book that when opened revealed the sugar gold.

One of the favorites at the movies were the Ju-Jubbies, small cup shaped hard candies and the Nigger Babies. Yes you read that right. Back in the 1950’s this popular licorice flavored candy in the shape of little Africans was actually sold as Nigger Babies. Of course I haven’t seen those for six decades.

Milk Duds were another movie favorite as were what we called Moth Balls. The latter were air blown nougat balls covered in chocolate. They joined Junior Mints and Snow Caps along with the movie candy lineup. Let’s not forget the Red Hots as well. These were tiny globs of cinnamon candy that made a dandy noise when shaken in their box.

The Abba-Zabba Bar was unique in that the taffy bar had a peanut butter filling. I haven’t seen these in awhile either but I can still remember that I enjoyed them immensely. Of course, the Peter Paul Mounds Bars and Milky Ways were popular as well.

There was also this weird candy called a Fire Stick. Basically, it was a long slab of hard candy that came in different flavors after its initial success in cinnamon. I remember that they stuck to your teeth in a way that assured future crowns.

I am leaving out many others such as the Bazooka Bubble Gum and dozens of others that I can’t recall this precise moment. How many of these do you remember? Can you add to this list?

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  1. I’m trying to a new chocolate called Milka. It comes in different types and flavors, but the one I like is Oreo/Brownie filling, a taste sensation that recalls the cookie and the dessert equally. I buy it at the 7-Eleven on my street, which is a hotbed of theft and crime. Every time I go there, I expect to be shot in the face by a thug waving a pistol around!

    — Catxman

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  2. UK sweets clearly very different to those in US

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  3. When I was a kid, we got a dollar for our chores. On that dollar we could take bus into town (Gary, Indiana) go to the movies and take the bus back. I always got a Slopoke at the movies, because it would last for the entire movie. 🙂

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  4. Ari Rodriguez permalink

    My favorite was called “No Jelly”.Gone for many years now. Got them at Maclay Drugs in San Fernando. My dads motorcycle shop (Allyns) was next door. Always had them with a 10 oz Coke from the machine in the shop. Happy memories, Thanks!

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  5. Sugar Daddy and Sugar Babies, Salt Water Taffy, (in bulk!) Good n’ Plenties (candy coated black licorice), Lemon Drops – Laffy Taffy (good to stick in the freezer, then break off pieces of it to suck on if your parents were affluent enough to keep ya going to the orthodontist for braces, but you missed salt water taffy….LOL) Boston Baked Beans (candy coated peanuts), Pixie Stix (paper straws fulled with colored/flavored sugar crystals…Yikes for all those worried about sugar or ramped up kiddos!), Pop Rocks, Ribbon Christmas Candy, Horehound Candy, Rock Candy, Fruit Slices, Circus Peanuts, Orange Slices, Lemon Drops, Chick o’ sticks, Zero candy bars, Black cow suckers, Bazooka and Bubble Yum gum, Cracker Jacks with the prize in the box…. – – some of these still on market, some not – but wow! I remember the candy in our house from my earliest memories, and the ones that came/went over the years into having my own children, in my own household – the new additions, the ones that went away

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