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Musical Migrants

July 13, 2021

From awhile ago but still true!


The migrant dilemma in Europe has finally hit a ludicrous and overdue crescendo. After years of unbridled illegal immigration courtesy of Germany’s Angela Merkel, the tide has decisively changed. What started out as an all out welcome mat by Germany has become a poor man’s rendition of musical migrants.

With the influx of hundreds of thousands of economic migrants, the EU has finally, begrudgingly accepted the fact that all of Africa and the Mid-East cannot be transported to Europe. There simply isn’t enough space, money and will to make this impossibility happen. The average EU resident has been embittered by overly generous benefits to often undeserving immigrants who won’t respect the language, culture, religion and even the eating habits of their host countries. This author has seen firsthand that migrants often throw away food given to them by local “do-gooders.” They bark that they can’t eat such stuff (as…

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