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What’s Important And What’s Not

June 8, 2021

What’s important to you?


What’s important and what’s not? That’s the biggie question that all of us get around to answering sooner or later. Just like the Ten Commandments guide our lives whether we like it or not, the truth of what’s important has the same effect. The trouble is that almost all of us have a different learning curve.

When we are young, our sense of importance usually revolves around ourselves. We are self-important, self-centered and self-serving. We pretty much tend to ordain what’s important in our lives. The rest doesn’t really matter as long as we’re having fun. Our cars are cool, and our girls are fast or at least we think so. That’s what’s important; the rest is not.

Time has a way of changing everything in our lives including the ordering of what’s important and what’s not. When we hit the marrying age, our sense of self-importance is usually accompanied…

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  1. For me the very important question is of whether we succeed in doing more to save our nature! Many thanks for your question!

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