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Singing Acapella

May 21, 2021

Singing “acapella” is described as singing without musical accompaniment. It is not nearly as easy as it seems.

Acapella singing originated in the church with the lack of musical accompaniment. It has since grown into a musical medium of its own and is found all over the world.

I have known many acapella groups over the years. Some are great and some are poor. Several years ago, I met a local group in North Carolina who were especially talented. They go by the name of Cantante. They are truly fabulous. If you ever get a chance to hear them, don’t pass it up.

For acapella singing, I have always recommended The Fleetwoods, that 1960’s group that brought us such hits as Come Softly, Tragedy, and The Great Imposter. They released a couple of acapella songs of their own but much of their material is suited for this medium. One song in particular, Skylark, is especially suited for acapella singing. Here’s the original Fleetwoods’ release, Give it a listen, take out the music and give it a try on your own. I’m pretty sure you’ll be pleased.


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  1. I am currently very impressed with Pentatonix. Sometimes it’s hard to believe there are no musical instruments. I love their version of Hallelujah and Jolene, two very different songs.

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  2. Wow. Brings back a lot of memories.

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  3. I actually sing every day, melody and harmony (when there’s music available), and I sing before every surgery I’ve had to calm my nerves (I pull the blankets up to muffle the sound a bit). I want to think my upstairs neighbor is lucky for living near me, but I make no guarantees. 😉

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  4. Billy Joel, “For The Longest Time.” It was the first acapella song I ever heard, and I loved it. I enjoy Pantatonix, but not as much as everyone in my family. I think I liked them more before they became known so widely in my household.

    And I sing acapella. Not well. Not on-key, or probably even near the right key. And always in the shower 🤫

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