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CBI Theater, Eugene V. Rizzi — Pacific Paratrooper

March 29, 2021

While my father, Smitty , was training in North Carolina, fellow blogger Allen Rizzi’s  father, Eugene Valentine Rizzi, entered the U.S. Army on December 21, 1942.   On route to China via India on an aircraft carrier, his company was strafed by Japanese aircraft. resulting in huge causalities. After making it over “the Hump,” Eugene […]

CBI Theater, Eugene V. Rizzi — Pacific Paratrooper

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  1. I read that today, and saw the Rizzi name. Your father?

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  2. Thank you for giving me the information to use as a post of your father, Allen. You’re from a very unique and proud family.

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    • Thank YOU for sharing all of this! I am the “keeper” in my family and as such I have thousands of photographs (16,000) and family items that date back 300 years.

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  3. Great story!

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