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Does Anybody Read Anymore?

March 11, 2021

This is an update to a previous post.

I was looking at my recent book sales and I was prompted to ask, “Does anybody read anymore? Hyperbole? Yes, of course but I am simply in awe that so many people don’t take the time to read anymore. I also have a genuine need to gin up a few more book sales. So, here’s the pitch. Currently, I have ten books available on Here they are. Most cost $3.99 for the Kindle Edition.  Paperbacks range from $9.99 to $12.99. Please buy at least one today and make yourself (and me) happy. Thank you very much!


Our First Year – Sketches From An Alpine Village – Our First Year – Sketches From An Alpine Village is the true story of an American couple’s first year living abroad in northern Italy.

Told through short, often humorous sketches, this book introduces the reader to life in Italy’s South Tirol region through the eyes of newly arrived American residents. Centered in the small alpine village of Tret, the people, language, and customs here come to life through a personal narrative of everyday living.

Our First Year – Sketches From An Alpine Village will provide laughs and tears for both American and European readers alike!

The Horse Whisperers from Anaconda

The Horse Whisperers from Anaconda – The Horse Whisperers from Anaconda chronicles the lives of horse whisperer brothers Lee and Edd Allen. Born in Pike County, Missouri and raised in Anaconda, Montana, the two became admired in their youth as they followed the teachings and traditions of their family and Blackfoot Indian friends to help build the American West. Richly illustrated with antique photographs, this novella explores the art of horse whispering as applied to everyday life and the grit that polished America into the gem it is today.


In The Shadow of Saint Stephen – With beautiful photos, In The Shadow of Saint Stephen gives the reader a window into the past of the tiny village of Cloz, located in Italy’s northern Trento province. History is brought back to life through an examination of the antique cemetery located along side of the Saint Stephen’s church. Richly detailed and informative, this book delves into the history, restoration and preservation of one of Northern Italy’s most historic cemeteries.

Originally written in Italian, this new text has been translated into English for English speaking scholars, genealogists and readers with ancestors from the village of Cloz.

The Blackest of Canyons and Other Micro Tales of Fly Fishing

The Blackest of Canyons and Other Micro Tales of Fly Fishing – “As I sit quietly this evening in the Italian Alps, I know that in the morning, the sun will surely come streaming in again over those quiet waters, now some 6,000 miles and a lifetime away from me. Memories know no distance and I will miss Black Canyon. The mighty Willamette River will slip by and there will remain in its swirls and reflections the soft sepia toned images of all of my waters and the fragrance of dewy ferns on the canyon floor and a faint hope for tomorrow. This beloved place, the Blackest of Canyons; we have grown together and have given and received of each other so much. Having done so, in the end of days, I suppose we are surely even.”

The flowing waters of the American West will carry you through a half century of living, as told by a simple fisherman. The Blackest of Canyons will make you laugh, cry and take stock of your own life. The Blackest of Canyons will bring you full circle!

New edition presents several short stories along with the original The Blackest of Canyons.

Fifty Years Ago - A Surfing Trilogy: And Other Surfing Stories from the 1960's

Fifty Years Ago – A Surfing Trilogy: And Other Surfing Stories from the 1960’s – The 1960s Southern California surfing scene is explored through three short stories. Published on the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Rising Sons Surf Club, this text includes many old photographs from 1963 to 1966. Fifty years later, the spirit is still alive!

Three A.M.CoverSmall

Three A.M. – The Complete 1970s Song Lyrics – Three A.M. is the definitive lyric anthology for the songs of Allen E. Rizzi. This collection contains 81 song lyrics written between 1974 and 1980, including many not previously released to the public. All song lyrics are accompanied with back scenes that comment on the songs’ origins, performance histories and other interesting facts. Forty years on, these lyrics are a blueprint of a 1970s songwriter craft.


Prescriptions from the Rhyme Doctor – The rhyme doctor has finally compiled a short collection of some of his poetry that resides outside the bounds of song lyrics. These simple poems span a period of nearly 50 years and are presented here in a short anthology.

The 89 poems are divided into two simple phases of life: The Young Man – Years of Hope and The Old Man – Years of Judgment. These phases serve as bookends to years of successful song writing. The first set of poems is the stuff of the turbulent 1960s. The second set can be seen as an epilogue of sorts, commenting on what has become important after 50 years as a writer.

Hey, Mister Publisher

Hey, Mister Publisher –  Follow songwriter Al Sapetello as he takes you through the back streets of the 1970’s music business on his way to the top. Where will the road lead him?

The 1970’s music industry is explored from the inside out, exposing both the beauty and the ugly underbelly of the business. Presented with authority by veteran songwriter Allen E. Rizzi, Hey, Mister Publisher will give you a new understanding of music and the people who make it.

New Vienna Conservatory - A Look Back from America: English Edition

New Vienna Conservatory: A Look Back from America: English Edition – New Vienna Conservatory – A Look Back From America chronicles the founding, history and demise of the most prestigious music school in all of Europe during the 20th century. Pairing its history with the life of young violin virtuoso Gene Rizzi, the school, its students and teachers are brought back to life for generations of new aspiring musicians. Richly appointed with photographs from the 1920s and 1930s, this book explores the rich musical life of pre-war Vienna and its eventual fall to Nazism and racism. Suggested as a “must read” for any serious music student or music historian.

Neues Wiener Konservatorium - Ein Blick zurück aus Amerika: Deutsche Ausgabe (German Edition)

Neues Wiener Konservatorium – Ein Blick zurück aus Amerika (Deutsche Ausgabe) berichtet über die Gründung, Geschichte und den Niedergang der renommiertesten Musikschule Europas im 20. Jahrhundert. Die Schule, ihre Schüler und Lehrer verbinden ihre Geschichte mit dem Leben des jungen Geigenvirtuosen Gene Rizzi und werden für Generationen neuer aufstrebender Musiker wieder zum Leben erweckt. Dieses Buch ist reich mit Fotografien aus den 1920er und 1930er Jahren ausgestattet und untersucht das reiche Musikleben der Vorkriegszeit in Wien und seinen möglichen Fall von Nationalsozialismus und Rassismus. Empfohlen als “Muss” für jeden ernsthaften Musikstudenten oder Musikhistoriker.

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  1. Nice write up of each of your books my friend. I think many of us feel that way when we look at our book sales. Believe me I understand. Many of us spend much of our time working on writing and reading stories on line when we can. There is just so much talent on WordPress. I have a nook for sale too. Congratulations however I did not know you were such a prolific writer. Hugs 🤗 Joni. PS all your books sound interesting.

    Liked by 3 people

  2. Grazie mille, Allen, per tutta questa scelta di libri offertaci:) Anyway, I have been reading quite a lately, among others “Wild Swans”, which takes me to Manciuria and Japan.

    Liked by 1 person

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