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…. And A Migrant Runs Through It

March 3, 2021

Since 2015 when this was written very little has changed.


I have been living in Italy since 2003. Before entering Italy, my wife and I were required to obtain a visa. Then we were required to obtain a “permesso di sooggiorno” (permit to stay) which needed to be renewed every two years at a cost of over $200 apiece. We also had to stipulate that we were living in Italy of our own will, had sufficient financial resources as not to a burden on the state and that we would not take a job in the country. Such are the prices to be paid if one wants to live in another country.

Having endured this program for nearly a decade and a half, we are baffled at the current migrant problems in Europe. Illegal migrants in Italy are treated royally, given 35 Euro a day to live and are usually provided with a smart phone to boot. Many (not most)…

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