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February 17, 2021

This morning’s thought…


When I was a kid, the evening news (there was no morning version) came on after dinner so that the entire family could be brought up to date together on the state of the world including local happenings. It was actually enjoyable to sit around with the whole bunch and to be collectively informed. The news reporters or presenters as they are called today were swift to the point, articulate and did their job with the utmost of economy. After a news broadcast, you felt informed and even a bit comforted.

Things changed in the late 1960s as the Vietnam War was brought to the screen nightly along with another lying president coming to us live with a “heavy heart.” News started to become a bit more than just news, sort of an endless series of presentations on the same subject intermingled with a large dose of propaganda. However, there…

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  1. I do agree with you on this. I used to write and edit news stories for a local radio station. Here is a sample of what I think a good news story should be:

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    • I read the story Tom. It’s to the point and written the way it should be. I wrote for two newspapers years ago and always followed the golden rule: Editorials do not belong on the front page above the fold.


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